International friends get together to attend Dujiangyan Water-Releasing Festival, China, 2017

DUJIANGYAN, China, April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 2nd, 2017, ambassadors from all countries, international representatives from sister cities, world youth representatives and the international media talents gathered in Dujiangyan on the grand opening of Dujiangyan Water-Release Festival, China, 2017 to witness the water-releasing ceremony together. []

Internationalization is the highlight of this year's Water-Releasing Festival. A large number of foreign faces can be seen on the ceremony, which made this traditional Chinese event with a long history and cultural background become an international event.

International media groups from Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, Russia and Malaysia recorded the entire event of the grand opening ceremony. They also went to some scenic spots to experience the local tradition of Dujiangyan and will later spread what they'd seen and felt to the rest of the world. Representatives of sister cities from the United States, Italy, France, India, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Brunei, brought water from their native countries to pour them into Dujiangyan and sent their well wishes to Dujiangyan Water-Releasing Festival and also appealed to protect the environment and to save water. The Asia's pageant queens from successive sessions are all dressed to attend the ceremony, which had been sought after by the media and became a major highlight of the event.

It is reported that the Dujiangyan Water-Releasing Festival is a traditional festival in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China. From the year 978 AD,for every Tomb Sweeping Festival, there will be large-scale sacrificial rituals and other traditional cultural display activities to commemorate Li Bing and his son, who were regarded as the leaders of construction of Dujiangyan water conservancy project for the benefit of the Chengdu Plain, and at the same time, to pray for grain bumper harvests and for the country flourishing and the people's life in peace. Then they would dismantle the abatis to let the water from Mingjiang River flow straight into Neijiang to irrigate Chengdu plain that extended for thousands of miles, which expressed the hardworking and courageous working people's love, yearning and pursuit for good life.

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