Huawei Unveils SD-WAN Solution to Provide Application-aware Cloud-managed Leased Line for Enterprises

HANNOVER, Germany, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At CeBIT 2017, Huawei unveils Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution to provide enterprises with application-aware, cost-effective, easy O&M and on-demand cloud-managed leased line. It helps reduce the costs and accelerate service provisioning, empowering enterprises to quickly respond to market demands and changes in the cloud era, strengthening competitiveness, and leading the entire business ecosystem.

Facing enterprise ICT transformation, enterprise services are migrating to the cloud gradually. Traditional enterprise leased line solutions cannot well support enterprise service requirements in the cloud era. Leased lines are expensive. A report provided by TeleGeography in 2015 found that the cost of MPLS leased line was over multiple times that of Internet links, accounting for more than 50% of enterprise OPEX. In addition, the service provisioning period is long, requiring an average of 30 work days. Moreover, maintenance costs of enterprise leased lines are high.

"To cope with service cloudification and industry digitalization, enterprise leased lines require higher bandwidth, more simplified O&M, and quicker response to service changes. Huawei promotes an SD-WAN Solution to help enterprises build innovative application-aware, cost-effective, easy O&M and on-demand cloud-managed leased line. The solution offers online experience of service subscription, provisioning, O&M, adjustment, and optimization, assisting enterprises in fast service innovations and business success in the cloud era." said Kevin Hu, President of Switch & Enterprise Gateway Product Line at Huawei.

Flexible link binding, reducing bandwidth costs by 50%

Huawei SD-WAN Solution supports a full range of customer-premises equipment (CPE) interface types. It is applicable to many enterprise access scenarios. The solution assists enterprises in combining links such as 3G/LTE, MPLS leased lines, and xDSL and fully using the Internet links that are widely deployed and cost-effective, increasing WAN bandwidth and reducing costs.

Shortening service provisioning time from months to days

Huawei SD-WAN Solution uses the SDN-based Agile Controller to implement automatic E2E network deployment. Devices support automatic plug-and-play configuration. You can bring a device online by simply clicking a link in a deployment email or scanning the device barcode with a mobile phone. This shortens service provisioning time from months to days, meeting enterprise requirements for rapid network service expansion.

Application-aware intelligent path control, improving user experience

Huawei SD-WAN Solution implements application-based smart traffic scheduling to provide differentiated network services as required, ensuring the quality of service for key applications. For example, applications requiring high link quality use leased lines, and other applications use Internet links. When a link fails or is unstable, applications using the link can flexibly switch to other links to improve user experience.

Plug-and-play and cloud-based visualized O&M, reducing OPEX by 90%

Huawei SD-WAN Solution provides visualized management of applications and links. Information about network-wide devices and applications is displayed on a GIS map, accelerating fault location and simplifying O&M.

Huawei SD-WAN Solution is a subsolution of Huawei CloudEPN Solution. It aims to provide better interconnection experience for enterprises and accelerate enterprise service innovation and development in the cloud era.


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