Wide Distribution of Initial Oxygen Saturation Levels in Red Cells Stored for Transfusion, May Significantly Influence Cell Quality and Therapeutic Efficacy

BETHESDA, Maryland, March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- New Health Sciences, Inc [http://www.newhealthsciences.com/]. (NHSi), a medical technology company focused on improving transfusion therapy, is happy to announce the completion and recent publication of their study exploring the role of percent oxygen saturation (%SO(2)) levels in red cell concentrates (RCC). The complete study can be found in Volume 1 of Blood Transfusion's [http://www.bloodtransfusion.it/rivista.aspx?id=000119] two thematic volumes focusing on the effects red blood cell storage practices on clinical outcomes.

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This study evaluates the role of variable %SO(2) levels on blood quality parameters during storage. Although improvements in pathogen screening, storage solutions and leucocyte reduction have continued to improve the clinical benefits of blood transfusion and reduce patient risks, it has been well documented that RCC experience progressive oxidative damage during refrigerated storage in the form of storage lesions. The deterioration of red blood cell quality during storage has been shown to effect clinical outcomes in patients.

NHSi analyzed a large quantity of fresh RCC from several sources over the past two years. The relatively large data set allowed us to examine for the first time the oxygen content, as measured by %SO(2), of a large number of leucoreduced RCC shortly after component separation.

492 units of RCC from five different sources were examined for oxygen content as represented by %SO(2). The range of %SO(2 )from these units was surprisingly large, from 11.4 - 96.5%, with a mean of 46.1%. The mean was significantly lower than expected, and the observed distribution of %SO(2) values was surprisingly wider than expected from published studies.

NHSi is focused on developing a product that improves blood quality, by reducing and controlling the %SO(2) to optimum levels during the storage period, which reduces oxidative damage, and maintains metabolomic activity at, or near, biologic levels.

"The discovery of wide variability in the SO(2) levels at the onset of storage documented in this publication adds significantly to our understanding of a major and under-appreciated variable in red cell quality. We are working to understand the impact that oxidative damage has on both individual units of blood and the blood supply as a whole. In the manufacture of a biopharmaceutical, consistency in the quality of raw material is key to therapeutic value to the patient. Red cell concentrates are no different. We believe that control of %SO(2) may lead to a reduction of adverse events associated with RBC transfusion while increasing its efficacy," said Martin Cannon, CEO of NHSi.

About New Health Sciences, Inc:New Health Sciences, Inc. (NHSi) is a medical technology company with headquarters in Bethesda MD, with an R&D center of excellence in Cambridge MA. Our corporate mission is to support the transfusion medicine community in its efforts to save lives and improve patient outcomes. Our distinctive focus is on innovations that promote radical improvements in the quality, safety, efficacy and cost of transfusion therapy. For more information, visit www.newhealthsciences.com [http://www.newhealthsciences.com/].

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