Airbiquity Introduces AUTOSAR Compliant Over-the-Air Software Update Solution for Automotive Using Vector Products at CES 2017

Leading Automotive Technology Companies Partner on OTA Solution Providing Competitive Advantage to Automakers and Ownership Benefits to Consumers

SEATTLE, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Airbiquity [](®), a global leader in connected vehicle services, and Vector [], a leading manufacturer of automotive electronic systems, components, networking, and software tools, today announced a collaboration to enable AUTOSAR [] (Automotive Open Systems Architecture) compliant over-the-air (OTA) software updates for multiple vehicle electronic control units (ECUs). In-person demonstrations of the Airbiquity-Vector OTA integration will be showcased January 5-8 in Las Vegas during CES 2017. []

With an increasing dependency on software and ECUs to power advanced vehicle systems and features, automakers leveraging OTA for multi-ECU software updates will have a distinct advantage over competitors. OTA is forecasted to provide huge financial benefits to automakers in the coming years. Global cost savings for mitigating software recall and cybersecurity expenses are projected to grow from $2.7 billion in 2015 to over $35 billion in 2022, according to recent research from IHS []. OTA will also allow automakers to achieve faster recall compliance times, eliminate consumer burdens of bringing vehicles to dealers for service, and deliver post-purchase performance and feature enhancements contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By combining Airbiquity's Software & Data Management offering and Choreo((TM)) service delivery platform with Vector's Flash Bootloader and communication ECUs, automakers now have an AUTOSAR standard compliant solution allowing them to increase the efficiency of program development while decreasing time to market.

"Integrating Vector's Bootloader and ECU technology with Airbiquity's Software & Data Management offering further strengthens our ability to deliver advanced and reliable end-to-end OTA solutions for automotive customers," said Kamyar Moinzadeh, President and CEO of Airbiquity. "Given the tremendous benefits for automakers and consumers alike we believe OTA capabilities are a mandatory component of any connected vehicle solution, and we're delighted to work closely with Vector to make this a reality."

Airbiquity's Software & Data Management offering []--powered by the Choreo [] service delivery platform--efficiently and securely orchestrates and automates highly targeted and scalable software updates and data collection for connected vehicles. Choreo integrates the diverse spectrum of vehicle systems, connectivity devices, communication networks, back office IT systems, and content and service providers for traditional and emerging connected vehicle services.

Vector's Flash Bootloader [] is a compact solution for reprogramming ECUs quickly, efficiently, and securely. Vector Controllers [] are ECUs for communication purposes in vehicles supporting various bus systems, networks and architectures. Vector ECU technology permits fast program development with qualified hardware and scalable software based on AUTOSAR standards.

For more information about the Airbiquity-Vector OTA integration, or to arrange an in-person demo at CES 2017, contact [].

ABOUT AIRBIQUITY Airbiquity(®) is a global leader in connected vehicle services and pioneer in the development and engineering of automotive telematics technology. At the forefront of automotive innovation, Airbiquity operates the industry's most advanced cloud-based connected vehicle service delivery platform, Choreo((TM)), and supports all leading use cases including over-the-air (OTA) software and data management. Working with Airbiquity, automakers and automotive suppliers are deploying highly scalable, reliable, and manageable connected vehicle services meeting the safety, entertainment, and convenience needs of their customers in over 60 countries around the world. Learn more about Airbiquity at [] or join the conversation @airbiquity []. Airbiquity is a trademark of Airbiquity Inc.

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