KDDI Evolva to Build Contact Center Platform on Avaya Breeze to Offer as a Cloud Service to Enterprises

TOKYO, December 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

KDDI Evolva, one of Japan's leading call-center service providers, has announced today an agreement with Avaya [ ], a global leader in enterprise communications software, systems and services, to use the Avaya Breeze(TM) application development platform to transform its contact center offerings. KDDI Evolva will develop a next-generation contact center platform that can support omni-channel communications and offer it to enterprises as a cloud service.

The contact center platform will support multi-channel communication, including voice, e-mail, text messaging, mobile apps, social media and WebRTC support. The platform will allow real-time tracking and monitoring of customer interactions throughout their journey, regardless of the channel customers use for contact. Communications are automatically directed to the most suitable agent. As KDDI Evolva will offer the contact center platform as a cloud service, enterprises can quickly and flexibly transition to an omni-channel environment with low start-up costs.

The platform will be built on Avaya Breeze, which profoundly simplifies application development while delivering built-in capabilities for enhanced mobile, customer-facing and hybrid cloud requirements. By using Avaya Breeze, third-party applications can be easily incorporated, allowing developers to innovate solutions.

Marubeni Information Systems (MSYS), a certified Avaya partner, will construct and deploy the platform. MSYS will leverage the power of the Avaya Breeze platform to complement its extensive experience in building contact center solutions, with deep experience in the finance and telemarketing sectors.

KDDI Evolva also plans to offer even more sophisticated customer experience management services, with a new chat bot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) already undergoing operational testing on the platform. KDDI Evolva is also looking to expand data mining solutions to enhance customer services.

KDDI Evolva has been offering call center services in Japan for more than 60 years, and combines business process outsourcing (BPO) services with IT solutions to maximize customer value.


"We are very proud to be able to support KDDI Evolva's development of its next-generation contact center platform. By utilizing the power of Avaya Breeze, KDDI Evolva will be able to meet customers' needs and expand the range of services it provides, enabling enterprises to deploy Omni-channel solutions at their own pace and path."

Hedeo Wachi Managing Director, Avaya Japan Ltd.

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Takeshi Kase, 
Marketing Director, Avaya Japan 



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