New Vaporizing Technology, qmos(TM), set to Revolutionize Vaping and E-Cigarette Industries

WASHINGTON, December 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The United Tobacco Vapor Group's (UTVG) announced today that UTVG has been granted a patent for their new vaporizing technology, representing a game changer in the vaping and e-cigarette industry. UTVG's new technology, qmos(TM) is wickless and sponge-less. It also reduces the number of parts found in a traditional e-cigarette from 20 to 5. qmos(TM) technology is ideal for e-liquids and oils as well as other applications.
Mr. Ray Story, UTVG President, announced the news: "Practically every current manufacturer of e-cigarette and vaporizing technology utilizes the same old technology.  The same device has been around for over a decade."
The UTVG's new, disruptive technology, qmos(TM), represents a quantum leap for the industry.  
"We've been dissatisfied with the old technology for a variety of reasons," stated Story.  "With the traditional setup, key components, especially the wick and e-liquid itself, deteriorate quickly, making it impossible to ensure a consistent consumer experience."
"Our new technology produces a much finer vapor (smaller particles), and delivers a consistent nicotine uptake, which provides a superior consumer experience, as it remains consistent throughout the life of the product.  Our technology stands up over time; no replacement coils needed", assured Story.
"In addition," he continued, "our new technology utilizes a higher-grade e-liquid, as we have partnered with Sensory Solution LLC to produce a superior product that is literally without peer in the industry."
Story also stressed the importance of regulatory compliance. "One major drawback of the old technology is that, because it degrades so quickly, it will be nearly impossible to standardize the product to the degree necessary to pass FDA and TPD requirements," Story explained.  "Our new technology solves this problem, and we have subjected it to extensive aerosol testing to ensure this outcome."
"The plain fact is that the industry is going to get caught flat-footed when it comes to product testing and premarket certification," Story stressed.  "Without a solution to product consistency, the huge sums of money spent to pass FDA's premarket certification will be for naught."


CONTACT: For additional press or industry inquiries, please contact theqmos(TM) at: Ray story, Tel: US: +1-770-521-0000, Tel: EU:00-31-88-2003300, E-Mail:

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