World Green Organisation (WGO) is launching Hong Kong's first 'White List' of baby products that has higher safety standards

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HONG KONG, Nov. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- To safeguard the consumer interests, WGO has developed a 3-defence methodology to achieve higher safety standards for baby products. Based on this methodology, WGO is creating a 'White List' of baby products for consumers. [] This 3-year project covers different product categories, beginning with baby lotion. This project's objectives are to educate consumers on current product safety standards and incentivise manufacturers to pursue higher standards.

The three-defence methodology is as follows: samples collected from 7 chain retailers go through chemical analysis which measures specific chemicals (e.g. heavy metals, methanol, and formaldehyde). The products then go through an international ingredient check which uses government regulations from the European Union, United States, China, and Japan. Products are then tested using an effect-based biological method which measures the level of Estrogen Equivalent (EEQ) concentration. EEQ levels cannot surpass World Health Organisation's standards. EEQ is important as it affects human endocrine system and cause developmental problems for the next 3 generations. Only products that pass this methodology will go on the 'White List'.

Survey show that over 60% of respondents don't know what ingredients are in their baby products.

WGO conducted questionnaires with over 200 HK parents with children under the age of 3. Over 80% of respondents indicated that they worry about baby product safety. However, only 22% always read ingredients labels. 61% were not sure what harmful ingredients could be found and 59% did not know the consequences of estrogenic chemicals. Although most parents are concerned about product safety, they are not aware of potential health risks and don't know what to avoid.

WGO also asked 37 of those parents to identify the 'White List' impact. Almost 100% stated that they would refer to the list when purchasing new baby products. 76% answered that they will not buy products that aren't on the 'White List'. This small sample confirms the importance of this study.

Dr. Yu, CEO of WGO said, "Our survey results indicated that HK parents' awareness of product safety is insufficient. The White List aims to empower them to make more informed decisions. In general, all existing baby products comply with government safety regulations. However, this higher standard will incentivise manufactures to only produce products that will not harm the human body and pollute the environment".

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