Kolenik makes hectic casino into a warm and stylish space

Newly decorated Jack's Casino nominated as best in The Netherlands

AMSTERDAM - With his concept for the new branch of Jack's Casino in a Van der Valk Hotel in the Netherlands, interior designer Robert Kolenik demonstrates how a hectic casino can still have a warm and stylish décor.

The casino in the North Holland town of Oostzaan has been nominated for 'Best Casino of the Netherlands 2016'. It will serve as an inspiration for interior concept of the chain's other future casinos.

Within the prescribed Jack's Casino's brand identity colours of gold and red, Kolenik, who has drawn his inspiration from the interior design of Las Vegas casinos, has sought out warmer shades to create a hospitable, cosy ambience. ,,Into a space with flashing slot machines and falling coins, you need to bring balance in order to create the desired high level of tranquillity and unity," Kolenik explains.
He succeeds in doing this by using some striking elements. His theatrical main entrance has visitors walking through a kind of illuminated wall organ, fashioned from 1600 meters of golden pipes with a computer-controlled lighting plan. At the other entrance from the car park the wall is hand-covered with seashells.

The casino's headline piece is its island bar, fashioned from wenge with a gold leaf mosaic. In the organically shaped ceiling elements, Kolenik used 11,000 running meters of pleated white voile. ,,This muffles the noise and at the same time creates a friendly atmosphere," he says.
Other elements that Kolenik has added are a gas fireplace in the lounge area finished in gold leaf, and an open kitchen for live cooking, to maximize the entertainment of guests during their night out. The pattern of the carpet is custom designed and is also used in the fences.

Kolenik represents a new generation of Dutch interior designers. He has achieved international renown with his striking Eco Chic style, for which he uses natural and sustainable materials. His design for a kitchen counter incorporating a large aquarium, and a carport with solar cells to recharge electric cars, have also garnered international attention. Moreover, he is responsible for the interior design of various restaurants and hotels, such as the iconic round hotel beside the A2 in Amsterdam. ,,When designing this casino, I had to use completely different principles than in an home, a restaurant or a hotel. Jack's Casino is highly critical and really wants the best for its guests. That gives me as a designer the space to think freely and come up with innovative creations. What matters is the total guest experience. Because slot machines make a casino busy and hectic, you can use materials in a broader perspective than for instance in a home," he says.

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