The YKK AP Window Research Institute has Renewed its Official Website

Collecting knowledge on the windows of the world from the fields of architecture, art, and design.

TOKYO, Japan, Sept. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The YKK AP Window Research Institute has just launched its renewed official website on 6(th) of September, 2016. The website shares some of the findings from the Institute's research by delivering high-quality content about windows in the context of various topics such as architecture, art, and culture. You can enjoy numerous interviews with architects and artists, such as Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA), Sou Fujimoto, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, and Alec Soth on the website.

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Official Website of the YKK AP Window Research Institute [] (Compatible with smartphones and tablets)

About the YKK AP Window Research Institute

The YKK AP Window Research Institute is a member of the YKK Group(*1), which is engaged in a diverse range of business operations including the fastening products and architectural products. Guided by our belief that "Windows represent civilization and culture", we have been exploring windows from various academic perspectives together with architects and researchers through our Windowology(*2) research since 2007. In 2013, we established the Window Research Institute(*3) to further expand our activities. Since then, we have been working to contribute to architecture, cities, and society by bringing attention to the value and potential of windows through organizing publications, exhibitions, and research groups both in and outside Japan.

*1. YKK Group ( [])

Operating on the company philosophy, the "Cycle of Goodness", the YKK Management Principle, "YKK Seeks Corporate Value of Higher Significance", and the idea "technology oriented value creation" advocated by YKK Corporation Chairman & CEO Tadahiro Yoshida, the YKK Group is engaged in businesses in a wide range of fields, from fashion (fastening products) to architecture (architectural products), in 71 countries and regions around the world.

[Core Businesses] - Fastening Products: [] - Architectural Products: [] - Machinery and Engineering: []

*2. Windowology

This research project was initiated in 2007 by YKK AP to explore windows from many angles as an academic subject. The research aims to define the positions of windows in history and culture and shed light on new possibilities of windows in hope of contributing to the shaping of better buildings, cities, and societies.

*3. Window Research Institute ( [])

The Window Research Institute was established in 2013 within YKK AP, a YKK Group member engaged in business activities centered on architectural products such as windows.

The following is a selection of articles on the official website of the Window Research Institute.

[Interview] Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA) (Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate) on his explorations with windows"Windows as Connectors between the Inside and Outside" []

[Interview] Sou Fujimoto (Architect of the Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal)"Experimenting with Windows" []

[Dialogue] A discussion on windows and photography by two photographers from the US and Japan Alec Soth + Takashi Homma "Windows and Photography: Ways of Capturing the World" []

[Interview] Alejandro Zaera-Polo (Architect of the Yokohama International Passenger Terminal) A discussion with Yusuke Obuchi, Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo "Why is This Guy Asking Me to Think about the U-value and the Leakages?" []

[Interview] Michele De Lucchi (A master of Italian design) "Opening the Window and Greeting the World" []


Window Research Institute, YKK AP Inc.

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