SILBERLINE Introduces New Aluminum Effect Pigments for the Plastics Market

TAMAQUA, Pennsylvania, Sept. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Silberline, a worldwide industry leader in the design, manufacture and technical application of high quality, special effect and performance pigments introduces their newest product line for the Plastics Market.

Extra SPARKLE SILVET® 600-10-E1

Extra SPARKLE SILVET products were developed to provide aluminum pigments with the potential for creating new application designs and paint-replacement opportunities for the plastics market. Alluring and novel aesthetics can be accomplished with the unique shape of this aluminum pigment series. Moving from the traditional 2-dimensional "flake" geometry to a 3-dimensional "sphere," the geometry provides stylists and formulators a new approach for color design.

Carried in SILVET® technology, the Extra SPARKLE SILVET Series allows formulators the ability to create low-opacity metallic effects in a wide range of polymers. This system has proven effects for easy and safe handling, incorporation, and dispersion for a variety of processing options. Processing options include injection molding, film & sheet and profile extrusions.

When formulated with transparent pigments or dyes, the fine pinpoint aesthetic character of Extra SPARKLE SILVET 600-10-E1 products creates subtle tones and a three-dimensional image within the final product. The Extra SPARKLE SILVET series allows for low flow line appearance while providing a stylist the option to bypass mold re configurations and offer new color designs quickly.


SILVET E LT12882 and SILVET E LT12883 grades are economical leafing aluminum pigments with corn flake geometry now being produced in pellet form for ease of handling and reduction of potential airborne contaminants.

This new SILVET E series is engineered to enable customer solutions for good opacity, hiding, brilliance in reflectiveness and brightness for the agriculture films and other applications and opportunities.

Processing options include:

-- Films
-- Sheet extrusion
-- Profile extrusion
-- Injection molding
-- Blow molding


-- Corn flake
-- D(50) 24 µm
-- Aluminum Flake 80%
-- Carrier PE Wax 20%
-- Specific Gravity ca 1.93
-- Non-Volatile by weight (target) 98.5%
-- Easy to handle


-- Corn flake
-- D(50) 21 µm
-- Aluminum Flake 80%
-- Carrier PE Wax 20%
-- Specific Gravity ca 1.93
-- Non-Volatile by weight (target) 98.5%
-- Easy to handle

Silberline continues to provide global support in application development and processing for these and all products in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Contact your Silberline representative for additional information and samples.

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