Civil Society Leads the Needed Collaborations between Nations

HAIKOU, China, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At a time when the future of the globe looks gloomy by the unabated pandemic and economic fallout, raising political hostility and anti-globalization sentiment, an online dialogue in 30(th) and 30st July between the civil society organizations in China and the Europe has brought more hope to the much needed global collaboration. []

Twenty-two panelists from the CSOs in China and the European nations joined the Zoom meeting and shared their initiatives of response during the lockdown and discussed the after-pandemic challenges that they were facing. The need for global collaborations between CSOs was stressed to accelerate the progress of realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Key points in the discussion include:

-- Despite that in most countries government dominant the pandemic
response, civil societies' role should not be underestimated,
particularly as a complementary force in disaster relief. Civil
societies functioned as a bridge and a facilitator between government
and the public during the lockdown and as a guardian to protect civil
space against aggressive state intervention.

-- CSOs of the both sides faced similar challenges during pandemic and in
post-pandemic time, including slowed project progress, dented
fund-raising outlook, and the adjustment to new operation practices such
as that many activities need to be moved online. NGOs and funders need
to consolidate and work together to weather the coming uncertainty.

-- Another virus, which had been rising with the COVID-19 was narrow
nationalism. It built on top of growing anti-globalism, skepticism, and
protectionism, and was worsened by geopolitical competition and
scapegoating during pandemic. CSOs should lead the way to fight against
this wave, which would bring the world in downward spiral.

-- Despite of the disputes between Europe and China, it is recognized at
all levels that collaborations are necessary to tackle global
sustainability issues such as climate change. The UN SDGs are an
important stabilizer for the Sino-Euro relationship.

-- The world is at the crossroad in term of the realization of SDGs by
2030. Economic stimulus plans, the presidential election in the US, the
Climate COP26 and the Biodiversity COP15 next year could all affect the
process the forthcoming years. CSOs in both China and the Europe should
work together and join in the agenda setting.
The Dialogue was organized by ChinaBlue Sustainability Institute and the China Association for NGO Cooperation. For more information, please check the website []. [] [] []

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