Statement from Maia Sandu, head of Political Party Action and Solidarity

CHISINAU, Moldova, July 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In the light of the recent events related to the banking sector fraud, I call on the IMF not to conclude any agreement with the Moldovan government until transparency and accountability are introduced into the process. There are serious indications proving that some of the current people in power have been involved in this fraud.

If the IMF lends the same people money there is a significant risk that the money will be stolen again. This money will end up in the pockets of corrupt politicians and not help the people that need it the most. The loan will increase the debts of the country without contributing to improving the living standards of ordinary people.

The IMF should take concrete and specific steps to ensure the money is kept out of the pocket of corrupt politicians before they finalize the loan agreement. To do this I have two specific demands for the IMF:

1. Ensure transparency in the process. Given the bad experience of the 2014
FSAP, which was published only two years later, thus hiding from the
Moldovan people the real situation of the banking sector, I ask that all
meeting minutes and documents be fully and completely disclosed to the
public immediately.
2. Implement accountability into the process. We can no longer trust our
politicians to do the right thing and use the IMF money in the correct
manner. I demand a third party administrator to oversee the distribution
of every dollar of the loan and make this information available to the

I call on other opposition parties and civil society organizations to join us and make these demands to the IMF to finally bring accountability and transparency to our government. We have had enough and now is the time to take a strong stand against corruption. We need the IMF loan to help the people not the politicians.

Political Party Action and Solidarity

CONTACT: Anastasia Taburceanu, Email:, Telephone:+37379658841

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