CIBF 2018 in Shenzhen is the place to keep up with the trends in the battery industry

CIBF 2018 in Shenzhen is the place to keep up with the trends in the battery industry

TIANJIN, China, April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The China Industrial Association of Power Sources (CIAPS) will host China International Battery Fair 2018 (CIBF 2018) at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from the 22nd to the 24th of May 2018. The 3rd China Energy Storage Exhibition will be held concurrently. The exhibition, featuring more than 4,800 booths spread over a 110,000-square meter exhibition space, and comprising a trade fair, a technology conference and a space for business negotiations, will bring together over 1,200 exhibitors. More than 60,000 visitors are expected to take part.

The biennial CIBF is an international event for the battery industry. The previous edition was held in the same venue between the 24th and the 26th of May 2016. []

Both the electric vehicle and power lithium-ion batteries markets are heating up

Since CIBF 2016, China's EV (including both pure electrics and hybrids) and lithium-ion battery industries have taken off. In 2016, 500,000 EVs and power lithium-ion batteries with a total storage capacity of 30 gigawatt-hours (GWh) were produced in China. Last year, despite the reductions and other adjustments to government subsidies for EVs, 794,000 electric vehicles rolled off the country's production lines, a jump of 53.8 per cent year on year, while sales climbed to 777,000 units, up 53.4 per cent. CIAPS estimated sales revenue of lithium-ion batteries in the country at 158.9 billion yuan (approx. USD 25.2 million) in 2017, up 19.5 per cent compared with 133 billion yuan (approx. USD 21.1 million) in 2016, while storage capacity of the batteries grew from 87.3 GWh to 100.9 GWh, representing a year on year gain of 15.6 per cent, thanks to the fast growth of the EV battery and storage battery markets. In terms of batteries specifically for EVs, the storage capacity stood at 37.06 GWh last year, split into 13.98 GWh for passenger vehicles, or 37.72 per cent of the EV market, 14.57 GWh for buses, or 39.31 per cent, and 8.51 GWh for specialty-purpose vehicles, or 22.95 per cent. Energy-intensive ternary batteries have gradually taken a leading role in the passenger EV segment, due to changes in market demand and advances in battery technologies. Ternary batteries represented 44.8 per cent of the battery market in 2017, compared with 20.4 per cent in 2016. China's new subsidy policies are based on energy intensity, which explains the large jump in the proportion of the market occupied by ternary.

China set a goal with two milestones for the production of EV power batteries in the blueprint for Made in China 2025, an initiative for upgrading the country's manufacturing sector: by 2020, the energy density of the batteries is expected to reach 300 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg), with the figure anticipated to grow to 400Wh/kg by 2025, while the cost of an average passenger EV is expected to drop to 1 yuan/Wh (roughly USD 0.16/Wh). Makers across the country have further optimized existing safe and energy-intensive lithium-ion battery technologies and sped up the R&D into the key battery materials including those for cathodes and anodes, increasing the energy intensity and creating a new battery system (including an all-solid-state battery). As the adoption of fuel battery-powered EVs continues to increase worldwide, the Chinese government has increased subsidies for such electric vehicles in a move to boost the further development of such batteries.

CIBF 2018 accelerates industry development

China's battery industry foresees promising prospects due to a combination of factors, including the enhanced promotion of EVs, an accelerated pace in applying lithium-ion batteries to electric bicycles, increasing use of alternative and renewable energy storage systems, booming development of the mobile battery market and increased demand for a variety of batteries. China remains the world's largest power battery market for the third consecutive year, holding a more than 50 per cent share worldwide. As a result, China's battery makers and their foreign peers have paid close attention to the country's domestic market. In the three months leading up to the event, the more than 4,800 available booths at CIBF 2018 were booked by over 1,200 exhibitors from 20+ countries and regions worldwide including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and the US, as well as mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Germany, South Korea and Taiwan sent the largest delegations and took the largest spaces. German exhibitors plan to showcase their wares in a space spanning approximately 500 square meters (sqm), while 18 South Korean exhibitors will share a 200 sqm+ space.

CIBF 2018 will be the largest edition of the event ever with the exhibition area growing from 82,500 sqm in 2016 to some 110,000 sqm this year. The event will be subdivided into the 30,000-sqm battery and international zone (Hall 1), the 52,500-sqm battery production, detection and testing equipment zone (Halls 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9), and the 25,000 sqm battery materials and parts zone (Halls 2 and 5 as well as along the main passageway on the second floor). Exhibits will include:

-- various series of batteries
-- assembled batteries for electronic products
-- power batteries and management systems for EVs, electric bicycles,
electrical tools and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
-- charging and battery swap stations for EVs and support facilities
-- energy storage batteries and system solutions for EVs
-- battery production and testing equipment
-- raw materials and parts for batteries
-- three types of waste treatment equipment for processing discarded
-- technologies and devices for the handling and recycling of used
batteries [] []

CIBF 2018's cutting-edge technology seminar helps promote innovation across the sector

The "Power and Energy Storage Batteries"-themed CIBF 2018 International Seminar on Cutting-Edge Technologies for Advanced Batteries, the event's technical conference, will include 55 featured presentations at which attendees from around the world will focus on discussing the latest technologies for and the development of applications for EV batteries as well as energy storage batteries for smart and micro grids, with an emphasis on the progress in the research and development as well as application of next-generation raw materials for power and energy storage batteries. Main topics will include:

-- the current status of and development prospects for the application of
advanced batteries (including fuel cells)
-- the efforts on behalf of governments around the world to support the R&D
and promotion of new energy technologies (including promotional policies
and new development plans put in place by such governments for these
-- latest progress in the development, mass production, application and
evaluation of new materials, improvements in existing battery
technologies, product performance, design and manufacturing, and
comprehensive performance evaluation of next-generation batteries
-- latest progress in simulation design, development, application and
evaluation of battery packs and management systems
-- the most recent developments in battery, module and system labs and the
evaluation of the actual operational safety of such labs
Over 1,500 participants from at least 50 countries and regions worldwide are expected to attend the conference, during which they will discuss the latest development trends in terms of applications for EV and energy storage batteries, as well as the latest R&D and application outcomes for batteries, battery materials, battery modules and system technologies. [ ]

On the back of the event's sustained level of influence worldwide, exhibits spanning the entire industry chain, participation by leading professional buyers and industry insiders coupled with a diversified range of technologies for exhibiting products, CIBF 2018 is expected to strengthen its role as a major international battery exhibition in China by providing a premier exhibition and trading platform for consumers, purchasers and distributors from both China and abroad. To learn more about CIBF 2018, please visit the official website of the event: [] or follow the event via the event's presence on WeChat public: "China International Battery Fair" or "CIBF-China".

Preregistration for CIBF 2018 is now open to the public

Those who pre-register will have access to convenient self-service printing of credentials onsite.

Preregistration channel 1 is available (via your PC): []

For any inquiries, please contact the representative of the organizer, Liu Xiaoxia, phone: +86-(0)22-23959049, email: []

The detailed schedule for CIBF 2018's technical conference has been released

Visit [] for more information about CIBF 2018, or contact Chen Liwen and Yang Liu for inquiries on how to participate in the event, Phone: +86-(0)22-23959269, Email: [], []

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CONTACT: Ms. Liu Xiaoxia 86-15022617437

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