Wuzhen's Latest Vacation Project, Wucun, Presents Original Rural Lifestyle

WUZHEN, China, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Renowned water town Wuzhen launched its newest project, Wucun, this summer, which aims to restore an original rural lifestyle for travellers looking to have an immersive experience as one of the villagers.

Visitors can dive into the tranquil and pastoral countryside of Wucun for a unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere. They can participate in a wide range of activities and enjoy the serene natural scenery while staying in one of the creative and boutique guestrooms.

"Wucun is located further into the less crowded part of the water town by the west side of Xizha area where a lot of the town's most famous attractions are found," said the head of the village. "It's a quiet and romantic traditional village where the original architecture has been preserved, so every visitor is not a tourist, but a real villager."

To create the "villager" experience, Wucun offers all-inclusive packages that take care of everything for the guests, including accommodation, transportation, dining, entertainment and daily activities and workshops.

"The all-inclusive packages allow visitors to have a hassle-free vacation experience, as they don't need to pay for anything during their stay in the resort. They can participate in fishing or farming activities, it's a true getaway from the flourishing urban lifestyle," said the village head.

Whether travelling with family and children, coming for a honeymoon, or on a nostalgic journey with parents and friends, Wucun is an ideal destination as everyone can participate in different activities. The children can take one of the handcraft classes to learn cane weaving, painting or origami while the parents can participate in archery or take a bike ride around the village. Couples can enjoy a "slow lifestyle" in Wucun to appreciate the beauty of water town and everyone can get a taste of Wuzhen with a Wucun style meal.

About Wucun

Wucun sits by the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and consists of different sectors featuring a traditional fishing harbor, grindery, brewery and more, offering 186 guestrooms in the high-end rural tourism resort area. The all-inclusive packages include accommodation, transportation, dining and entertainment for all guests, who can also choose from 30 free activities.

Wuzhen Tourism Co. Ltd

CONTACT: Xu Hong, +86 182-5836-9925, wuzhenpr@163.com

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