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Moyee Coffee Enters 4th Coffee Wave with Acquisition of Nitrogen Cold brew Pioneers LeFroid

AMSTERDAM, 20160622 -- After years of investing in Ethiopian farming networks and one of Africa's most modern roasters, Amsterdam-based FairChain coffee brand Moyee is now rapidly expanding its footprint at home. With the acquisition of science-based cold brewers LeFroid, Moyee shows it is more than ideology alone. The 'anti-hipster' coffee brand wants to be a major player in the 4th way of global coffee.

Inspired by the science of food, over the last few years LeFroid has carved out a small but growing niche for itself in Holland's artisanal DIY cold brew sector. The nitro-brewer, founded in 2013 by ex-TU Delft students Job and Hidde, was a close collaborator with Moyee from the first day they opened their lab. All their cold brews were crafted using Moyee's coffees.

By fully acquiring LeFroid, Moyee hopes to use Job and Hidde's extraction expertise to position itself on the front-edge of a new wave of coffee.

"To be honest, pods - whether from Nespresso or our own FairChain pods for Nespresso machines - have no place in the new coffee world. "

Third vs. Fourth Wave
So-called Third Wave coffee has dominated much of the last decade - single-origin espressos, Direct Sourced blend, exquisite pour overs and Hario TCA-3 Syphones. The Third Wave of coffee, which firmly took root in countries like the US, Japan, Australia and much of Scandinavia, unmasked 'Italian' coffee as a 1980s farce.

The Third Wave made coffee more exclusive, but while every urban corner seems to have a high-quality coffee bar, the fact is the average coffee drinker is still firmly drinking bland, unfair Second Wave coffee.

The Fourth Wave aims to close the gap by making high-quality, sustainable and ideologically driven Third Wave coffee more accessible to the masses. Or, as blogging authority Sprudge noted, 'bring good coffee to the suburbs.

It's science
"To date the Fourth Wave has focused mostly on price accessibility, but we believe science will be a leading factor, too," says Moyee founder Guido van Staveren. "LeFroid isn't just a cold brewer, they are scientists. With their knowledge, we can explore new ways to use science to extract more flavor out of slightly cheaper beans, for example. That's one way to make high-quality coffee more affordable to a greater number of people. This is Fourth Wave thinking."

"The Fourth Wave aims to close the gap by making high-quality, sustainable and ideologically driven Third Wave coffee more accessible to the masses. "

Moyee is already working with specialists at the University of Ede-Wageningen (NL) and the University of Jimma (Ethiopia) to use science to realize more sustainable and more productive farming methods in Africa.

"Our focus is extraction and creating high-end coffee products," says Hidde. "Joining forces with Moyee means we can continue doing what we love to do with the added advantage of being part of a growing brand and having access to leading B2B companies and a passionate consumer community.

Future Focused
While LeFroid gives Moyee the scientific credibility to explore new brews and beans, the company is also leading other Fourth Wave movements and ideas.

"To be honest, pods - whether those from Nespresso or our own FairChain pods for Nespresso machines - have no place in this new coffee world," says Van Staveren. "The sooner they disappear, the better. They are too wasteful for Fourth Wave. "

Whether its IoT-powered coffee machines that optimally brew to your profile and Augmented Reality café environments, Van Staveren says it all begins with science.

"The LeFroid acquisition won't turn us into Google overnight," he says. "But Job and Hidde's thinking will inspire and influence the way Moyee works. A bit of TU Delft smartness coupled with Moyee passion, only good things can come out of that."

About LeFroid
In 2013, after a trip to coffee capital Portland, Oregon in the US, Job and Hidde, two former TU Delft students, anticipated a new cold brew coffee wave would soon hit Dutch shores. Scientists and not barista's, they knew absolutely nothing about coffee. Nonetheless, they soon created their first nitro-brewing setup. Since then they have travelled the world with their patent pending -high-extract -brewing process. Using Moyee coffee from day 1, they have extracted an extraordinary range of flavors from its beans.

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Moyee Coffee


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