Protix Acquires Fair Insects and Diversifies by Adding Mealworm, Cricket and Locusts to Its Portfolio

DONGEN, Netherlands, September 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Following the 45MEUR funding in June 2017, Protix has acquired Fair Insects [ ]. Fair insects is a consortium breeders that have a long history and experience in growing mealworm, cricket and locust. Through this acquisition Protix will be more able to serve customers within the whole spectrum from B2B to food markets with products like protein rich foods, meat replacements and health beverages.

Protix [ ] envisions a world with food for all living creatures in balance with nature. Since 2009, Protix has developed cutting-edge technologies and sustainable insect based products that unlock new opportunities for our customers. Insects offer a low-impact protein alternative that can be cultivated sustainably. This is important as global populations continue to grow and the increased demand for meat and fish have devastating consequences like climate change, deforestation and overfishing.

Insect based ingredients are a giant leap towards a low-footprint future of our food system. Protix' knowledge and technology has pioneered the production of the black soldier fly larvae, which is especially good at recovering proteins from food scraps. By focusing on product quality and automation, Protix has shown customers, partners and investors the way forward in this new industry. On a company level we aim to professionalize all aspects of this industry, from operations to legislation to customer satisfaction. We have been looking at smart acquisitions for two years and Fair Insects has been on the radar ever since. The breeders leading Fair Insects have over 100 years of experience breeding yellow mealworms, crickets and locusts.

Kees Aarts, CEO Protix; "We are very excited with this new Protix company. With the diversification to additional species we can offer the broader range of exciting products our customers have requested over the years. Together with our black soldier fly based ingredients we can further work towards healthy nutrition for all living creatures on this planet and enable a low-footprint society."

In the next two years Protix will follow a structured growth path by systematically increasing the production volume of these new insects while maintaining the highest focus on quality and cost. Protix will work with its customers to develop exciting and sensible products for the conscious consumer.

For direct interest in products we are taking pre-sales. Register on the Fair website [ ].

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