VAPORESSO's Laboratory and Factory tour

Factory for the biggest manufacturer of the vaping industry in China is open for the reviewer to visit now.

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time since the brand was founded, VAPORESSO invited Julio Ruades Esteban, one of the leading reviewers in the vaping industry, to take a thorough look at the VAPORESSO factory in Shenzhen, China and ask him to share some of his opinions. []

The entire tour included the VAPORESSO factory, warehouse, and laboratory. After a couple of days of visits, Julio Ruades Esteban gave his evaluation of the facilities.

"It destroyed all predispositions about factories in China when I entered the factory, and my first impression was how strict they were on cleanliness. The first thing I had to do was put on a full set of dust-proof clothing and the air shower system, which I feel takes the cleanliness into the next level."

"And then when I went deep into the factory, I was amazed by what I saw and heard. There were such big-scale production lines, and the whole workshop was filled only by the noise of pure work!"

Before entering any of the VAPORESSO factories, visitors must first go through the full cleaning routine of wearing anti-static suits and going through the air-shower. This is to ensure that no dust enters the factory as it could affect the products. Inside the factory, all the workers and supervisors have their specific areas to complete their jobs, resulting in minimal errors during production. For example, to make just one coil, it takes a team of 10 people. There are multiple tests at different stages for each product, which helps them achieve the lowest rejection rate in the industry.

"What impressed me the most is VAPORESSO designed devices to test their devices. If there isn't a machine out there that can test at a high enough level, they will make it themselves. Testing battery charging, device endurance, and all the e-liquids in the market so that the materials are suitable to match the ever-evolving e-juice market."

According to production director David Bu, the average monthly output of VAPORESSO is 2,000 tanks, 1,500,000 mods, and 8,000,000 coils, which is why this level of testing and cleanliness is needed, to ensure that all materials/products made without a hitch.

For a company like VAPORESSO in a new market, it's imperative to have thorough research as there is so much still to discover. VAPORESSO understands this very well and invests over 20% of its revenue each year into researching and developing innovations.

"There is a massive effort behind every product. We care about the brand; we show endless passion to our vapers."

Using the words of vice president of VAPORESSO, Ms. Eve, it shows that VAPORESSO has made a lot of effort, including the establishment of the dust-free factory with the highest standards to achieve its commitments to customers.

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