Silicon Mountains Launches CRAM(TM) - The New Standard in Cloud and IT Cyber Security

ZURICH, Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Mountains (GmbH), a Switzerland cyber security and technology company, announces a restructuring and equity infusion with FORRS Partners (GmbH), a German management consulting firm, and Twin Hills Holdings, LLC, a United States private equity firm, each taking a thirty-three percent ownership stake in the company. With this restructuring, Silicon Mountains has expanded its global presence and positioned itself to service markets throughout Europe and the United States.

About Silicon Mountains:

Silicon Mountains is a multi - disciplinary cyber security and technology corporation founded in 2011 with the singular mission of providing absolute data security to our clients. Silicon Mountains provides cyber security, encryption, IT consulting and financing services to some of the world's leading financial, insurance and medical device companies. In addition, elements of our encryption software are distributed globally on a white label basis.


Silicon Mountains has developed and implemented the next generation of cyber security standards. Our advanced encryption approach - CRAM - Cyber Resilient IT Asset Management(TM) (Patent Pending) based on encrypting with CASB Centraya(®) - securely protects a client's data in both third-party cloud and proprietary IT platforms so that only the client has the keys to unlock and view data. With CRAM(TM) the client becomes the sole communicator with its IT infrastructure or to direct actions. There is no possibility of a third-party backdoor. There is no entry for hackers. There is no possibility that cloud vendors can decipher our clients' data. And, once the data is encrypted neither Silicon Mountains nor any other vendor can view anything other than encrypted data, since only the client holds the key.

CRAM(TM) is a revolutionary cloud-based encryption software and management design that embraces the security needs of varying business models and regulatory platforms. Among those are health care institutions, manufacturers, law firms, investment and commercial banks and governmental entities.

Our research team is working to extend CRAM's(TM) umbrella to cover all of a client's internet-connected devices even "household items" such as microwaves, vending machines, thermostats and miscellaneous identity access cards which are rarely protected with anti-virus software. This effort will expand functional coverage to all aspects of infrastructure management including protective layers around end point devices such as mobiles, medical devices and usual endpoints.

Today's CRAM(TM) creates a permanent solution to the problems created by legacy technology platforms and internal and external cyber threats, eliminating the need for institutional IT providers to devote significant resources on cyber security countermeasure tools to respond to ever evolving and sophisticated attacks.

Silicon Mountains' CRAM(TM) considers the threats of today, legacy technology, budget constraints, regulatory mandates and human resources considerations in providing a solid cyber resiliency solution. Silicon Mountains has changed the game becoming a global leader in the development and implementation of sustainable cyber security solutions.

Contact Silicon Mountains:

Silicon Mountains now has offices in Zurich, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Birmingham, Alabama and Amherst, Massachusetts. Find us at []

Centraya(®) Is an encrypting CASB product of e3 CSS AG. Find them at []

FORRS Partners at []

e3 at []

Media Contact Person - Markus Riess; []; +49.172.8151672, Prinzregentenstrasse 54, 80538 Munich, Germany

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