Papiloxyl Offers Guidance on Prevention of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Both Men and Women

How HPV affects a couple's health

MALAGA, Spain, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- There is a high prevalence of HPV infection among sexually active adults and as it is asymptomatic in many cases, either partner could have got a latent infection for many years without knowing. So, having HPV is not a sign of infidelity, and there is no possibility of saying who transmitted the virus to whom, or if it was caused by a past relationship.

In women, cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease since more than 90% are due to high-risk HPV types, especially at 16 to 18, and its incidence is getting higher in women younger than 35 years.

Premalignant lesions, called "cervical intraepithelial neoplasms", can be identified on the Pap test; it is recommended for every woman from when she starts sexual activity. Treatment in these initial stages can be curative and prevent cancer. However, any woman who has had an HPV lesion can have it again.

What are the effects of HPV on men's health?

In men, HPV infection is usually asymptomatic. Genital warts can go unnoticed as small lumps on the penis, scrotum, or around the anus. HPV cancers are rare in men. Anal and penile cancers are linked to high-risk HPVs. They are prevalent in men with HIV infections, because the risk of infection is higher in this type of sexual relationship.

Should either person in a couple have suspicious lesions in genitals, anus, or mouth, it is important to abstain from sexual contact and to contact your doctor for treatment.

The Immune System and HPV Infection

Currently when HPV warts appear, it is usually due to an alteration in the correct functioning of the immune system. The main mechanisms that are put in place to combat a human papillomavirus infection are based on cellular immunity, that is, failure of these mechanisms in cytotoxic Tlymphocyte and Natural Killer cell responses may promote the development of warts or condylomas.

All this knowledge has allowed us to establish that PAPILOXYL, as a last generation supplement, is an excellent adjuvant, enhancer and modulator of the immune system, of DNA synthesis and also provides protection to cells against oxidative damage. As well as a contributory in the process of cell differentiation.

Talking about prevention, Dra. Montiel of the University of Zulia shares the idea that secondary prevention can be oriented to maintain the activity of the immune system as it is crucial to detect infection, keep it asymptomatic and even eliminate the virus: "As in other viral infections, such as herpes, or HIV, if the body's defenses are weak, these viruses escape from immune control mechanisms and diseases appear; something similar happens with HPV."

Right nutrition improves the immune system

Part of the energy in food goes to preserve the functions of the immune system and guarantee the body's health. Results in several studies indicate that a nutritional plan with probiotics, vitamins, and minerals is part of the treatment to improve the activity of the immune system.

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