China-based Banner Dairy Wins Top Award at Monde Selection 2017

VALLETTA, Malta, June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Monde Selection held its 2017 annual award ceremony at Valletta, Malta on May 29. As the world leading food quality event, Monde Selection represents the highest standards in Europe and the world. 3,000 products from 89 countries and regions were evaluated this year. China-based Banner Dairy's milk powder won the gold award and grand gold award.

Banner Dairy's milk powder is highly recognized by expert for its vibrant nutrition, remarkable taste and smell. Two products from Banner Dairy were exhibited on the ceremony: Infant Formula Milk Powder won the grand gold award and Middle Old Age Milk Powder won the gold award.

Banner Dairy advocates "China Quality" and compares all parameters with the world highest standards. Both colony-forming units (CFU) and somatic cell count (SCC) in its raw milk are far below American and European standards. In protein tests, representing milk's nutrition level, Banner Dairy's standard is higher than 3.3%, compared to 3% in European Union and the United States. What behind the series of strict quantification standards are Banner Dairy's unique industrial model. Banner Dairy pioneered the unified "breeding-processing" model, which takes only two hours from milking to processing to preserve as many active nutrition substances in raw milk as possible. Guo Changzhan, a professor of immunology at Peking University, pointed out that the two hours from milking to processing maximize the immune active substances in milk which is great for the healthy growth of babies.

Meanwhile, wet and dry blending process, microencapsulated DHA and other technologies ensure milk powder to maintain its natural flavor. In addition, Banner Dairy's unique low temperature 75 degrees Celsius pasteurization technology maximizes natural immune active substances in milk powder.

Aiming to become the world No.1 brand in infant milk powder industry, Banner Dairy is committed to producing the best milk powder. Banner Dairy takes on the responsibilities of providing high-quality milk powder to China's next generation. Wei Liqiang, general manager of Banner Dairy said: "Banner Dairy is committed to producing the world best infant milk powder with the best taste and highest nutrition for babies in China and the world."

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