Goodix's Ultra-Thin Optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR(TM)️ Kicks Off 5G Commercialization with OnePlus and T-Mobile

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd. (SH: 603160) today announced that its ultra-thin optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR(TM)️ officially ushers in the 5G era with the commercialization by OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren released in the United States. As a T-Mobile exclusive, the release marks the first 5G application of ultra-thin optical in-display fingerprint sensor, which realizes extended features within an ultra-thin module through revolutionary optical system and CIS (contact image sensor) design. Designed to exceed the expectations of premium mobile experiences, the innovation redefines the standard of biometric authentication solutions in the age of 5G. [ ]

As the industry and global consumers call for continuous enhancements in mobile experiences, premium features such as higher transmission rates, multiple cameras, seamlessly smooth display performances, and batteries with ultra-long standby time are introduced to global consumers via premium 5G devices; yet these upgrades require additional space for larger modules and complex 5G antenna designs. Overcoming this rising challenge, Goodix proudly brings the ultra-thin optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR(TM)️ as the answer.

Ultra-Thin Module Design: After dozens of various designs and countless tests, Goodix achieved the revolutionary breakthrough by implementing a micro optics design in the innovative ultra-thin optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR(TM)️. The compact design in module size not only frees up excess space for hardware optimizations in 5G devices such as more powerful cameras or higher-capacity batteries, but also extends flexibilities in the fingerprint module location to complement different advanced UI designs of smartphone manufacturers.

Optimized User Experience: With the new designs of the CIS and lenses, the ultra-thin optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR(TM)️ strengthens the scanning signal, allowing higher flexibility in using experiences. The new solution introduces an improved unlocking experience by further boosting its performances in low-temperature environment and against strong ambient lights, as well as extending recognizable fingerprint types (e.g. fingerprints with shallow ridges and of dry fingers).

With six years of dedication and devotion in R&D, Goodix drives the development of optical in-display fingerprint authentication technology from its creation to continuous breakthroughs. 5G is bringing a smarter life to the world, and Goodix's ultra-thin optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR(TM)️ is serving as a key component of the premium mobile experiences in the 5G era.

To complement the design with an advanced manufacturing process, Goodix and partners joined forces in reconstructing the supply chain, successfully overcame the technical difficulties in manufacturing the micro lens while ensuring high yield and scale of its production. The solution is ideal for manufacturers as its module delivers an outstanding anti-electromagnetic interference performance and doesn't need to be laminated to the screen.

Goodix has been offering outstanding in-display unlocking experiences to global consumers via multiple OnePlus flagship models since the launch of OnePlus 6T. "The ultra-thin optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR(TM)️ offers the essential support for the slim design and enhanced features of the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren," said Pete Lau, founder and CEO of OnePlus. "I believe OnePlus' collaboration with Goodix will together deliver a seamlessly fast and smooth experience to users worldwide."

"Goodix's persistent pursuit of innovation aligns with OnePlus' motto of 'Never Settle,'" said David Zhang, CEO of Goodix. "Goodix will continue delving into technological innovations with the goal of offering differentiating values to customers via quality products, and therefore enriching global consumer's premium 5G mobile experiences."

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