True Zero's hydrogen network powers 17 million fuel cell-electric miles in less than 18 months as hydrogen sales surpass a quarter of a million k

IRVINE, California, Nov. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- True Zero []'s retail hydrogen sales achieved an enormous milestone on Wednesday as fuel cell electric vehicles in California surpassed 250,000 kilograms of clean hydrogen and 17 million miles from just 18 retail stations [] owned and operated by the company. The True Zero stations plus 13 others make up a total of 31 stations open across California thanks to California Energy Commission grant funding and a long-standing State commitment to zero emission vehicles. []

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"The Energy Commission is pleased to support True Zero, a California based company whose leadership is helping pave the way for our transition to a zero-emission transportation future," said Energy Commissioner Janea A. Scott []. "Surpassing the milestone of dispensing a quarter of a million kilograms of hydrogen demonstrates how government and industry can successfully work together to provide the fueling infrastructure necessary to allow Californians to travel emissions free."

"This is a significant achievement for fuel cells - every day the Honda Clarity [] and Toyota Mirai [] are showing us that hydrogen can be a practical replacement for gasoline," said Joel Ewanick, CEO of True Zero. "Thanks to the commitment from the Energy Commission, electrified vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream, and every day these cars are helping build a better future for our children."

True Zero, a California-based company, is the largest fully-dedicated developer and operator of hydrogen stations in the world, with 18 hydrogen stations open now and 9 more under development. The company's impressive growth has been spurred by over $50 Million dollars in grants received from the California Energy Commission, as well as grants from the South Coast and Bay Area Air Quality Management Districts, and private financing from Toyota and Honda.

The hydrogen sales numbers by True Zero indicate that most California fuel cell vehicle customers are finding no range or daily mileage limitations. Furthermore, their daily and hourly refueling patterns look nearly identical to those of a gasoline car, which indicates that customers are using their fuel cell vehicles without having to change their driving habits.(1) The 17 million miles driven on fuel cells cars using True Zero hydrogen translate into 10 million pounds of avoided greenhouse gas emissions [] (in CO(2) equivalency).

"These consumer usage patterns are a great indication of the potential for mass adoption," said Ewanick. "We are at a very early stage of commercialization. Just imagine in the near future when there are hundreds, or thousands of hydrogen stations open across California and surrounding states. Driving a fuel cell car will soon be just as convenient as a gasoline car, but with zero emissions."

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