Mesosphere Launches Kubernetes Beta on New DC/OS 1.10; Empowers Developers with Freedom of Choice Across Container Orchestration and Data Service

Latest release adds capabilities to make Mesosphere DC/OS an even more secure, resilient and high-performance platform to power containerized applications and data services

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mesosphere [] -- the creators of DC/OS [], the premier platform for building and running data-intensive, containerized applications -- today released a beta of Kubernetes on DC/OS to provide customers the best platform for running both stateless and stateful services with a common set of security, maintenance and management tools without compromise. The company also released DC/OS 1.10, a more secure, resilient and high-performance platform for running data-intensive, containerized applications.

With the availability of Kubernetes, development teams will be able to choose container orchestrators on DC/OS 1.10 as easily as they choose data services, CI/CD, or networking tools. Kubernetes on DC/OS will soon allow operators to easily install, scale and upgrade multiple production-grade Kubernetes clusters (even of different versions) on Mesosphere DC/OS. Infrastructure owners can now offer application developers Kubernetes for Docker container orchestration "as a service" alongside other data services or legacy applications, all on shared DC/OS infrastructure while maintaining high availability and isolation. All of these services running on DC/OS benefit from complete hybrid cloud portability on any infrastructure.

"In bringing Kubernetes to DC/OS, Mesosphere provides customers with a robust platform for building, deploying, and operating data-rich, containerized applications in your data center and on public clouds," said Allan Naim, Product Manager - Kubernetes and Google Container Engine. "With projects like Kubernetes for containers and TensorFlow for machine intelligence running on both our platforms, Mesosphere DC/OS and Google Cloud Platform together offer a compelling open hybrid cloud platform. We're excited to continue to work with Mesosphere and the community going forward."

"At HERE Technologies we use Mesosphere DC/OS to provide a common deployment model to both on-premise and cloud data centers for our Map Creation software," said Carlton Geckler, CIO at HERE. "With the arrival of Kubernetes on DC/OS we are thrilled to offer our engineering teams the ability to run their preferred container orchestrator alongside big data services with a common set of security, maintenance, and management tools. With this news, we expect our engineering teams to request DC/OS infrastructure on many more projects going forward."

"We founded Mesosphere with the goal of bringing the tools and capabilities of web-scale giants to companies of all sizes, making it incredibly easy for anyone to build world-changing technology," said Florian Leibert, CEO at Mesosphere. "By adding Kubernetes to DC/OS, we are taking this mission one step further by providing our customers with the full suite of tools they need to build, deploy and operate next-generation applications - making it that much easier to create the next wave of disruptive technology."

Mesosphere DC/OS 1.10 provides a secure, resilient and performant platform for running data-rich applications, supported by an ever-expanding partner ecosystem. This release includes production-ready deployments of the most popular "fast data" tools under today's leading applications, including Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, DataStax Enterprise, Elasticsearch, and Hadoop Distributed File System. DC/OS provides the broadest choice of data services and container orchestration tools with the freedom to run on any infrastructure or cloud.

"Mesosphere DC/OS adoption is growing steadily, especially when large numbers of containers and clusters are needed for production environments," said Rhett Dillingham, senior analyst on cloud computing at Moor Insights & Strategy. "DC/OS provides a cohesive platform making it easier to build, deploy, and dynamically scale modern applications. The addition of Kubernetes to DC/OS 1.10 brings two of the most popular open source tools onto one platform for seamless deployment."

On DC/OS, users can connect to data services from containers running on Kubernetes and vice versa. Running Kubernetes on top of Mesosphere DC/OS means customers get to use the container orchestrator they want, but immediately benefit from automated operations for the data services that most containerized applications typically require. Mesosphere DC/OS provides an experience like the public cloud providers' container engines within owned data centers or across hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The DC/OS 1.10 release extends the capabilities that have already made Mesosphere a leader in container production operations. New features include:

-- Improved security features, including custom certification authority
integration, file based secrets, provides operators the tools they need
to securely run multi-tenant services and enables applications to
securely share digital certificates
-- Additional upgrade capabilities help maintain uptime and simplifies
disaster recovery with minimal effort. DC/OS now enables you to easily
backup and restore application configurations, perform live upgrades of
data services, and automatically validate DC/OS upgrades.
-- Guaranteed performance and isolation for applications and services with
a flexible, high-performance networking stack and DC/OS edge load
balancer. Our new high performance L4/L7 ingress load balancer makes it
easy to expose any application or service inside a DC/OS cluster to the
outside world.
-- Enhanced Services SDK makes it easy to add new services to the DC/OS
catalog, while providing a strong baseline of reliability and
robustness. DC/OS 1.10 now certifies production-ready data services,
including Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Elastic, HDFS,
Confluent Kafka, and Datastax DSE.

DC/OS 1.10 and Kubernetes on DC/OS beta will be available on Monday, September 11 at []. [] You can also see the new features in action for yourself at MesosCon North America [] on September 13-15, 2017 at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, CA.

About Mesosphere
Mesosphere [] is leading the enterprise transformation toward distributed computing and hybrid cloud. Mesosphere DC/OS [] is the premier platform for building, deploying, and elastically scaling modern applications and big data. DC/OS makes running containers, data services, and microservices easy across your own hardware and cloud instances. Mesosphere was founded in 2013 by the architects of hyperscale infrastructures at Airbnb and Twitter and the co-creator of Apache Mesos. Mesosphere is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in New York and Hamburg, Germany. Mesosphere's investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Microsoft.

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