Huawei Cloud Releases Six Innovative Solutions at HUAWEI CONNECT 2017

SHANGHAI, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, Joy Huang, Vice President of Huawei's IT Product Line, in a keynote speech titled "All Connected, All Cloud, All Intelligent", announced six innovative solutions designed to help enterprises with digital transformation. The new solutions include innovations in hardware, software, data, connection, architecture, and hybrid cloud.

Huawei also shared success stories and best practices learned in working with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company Ltd. on digital transformation.

"The digital transformation in many industries will bring human beings to an intelligent world in the future, and innovation will be the driving force of the revolution," said Joy Huang. "Increasingly, innovation will take place in the cloud, and the cloud will need the all-round strength. Huawei Cloud is committed to be an enabler of intelligent world, delivering continuous innovations of technologies and capabilities on Huawei Cloud to help customers succeed in their digital transformation."

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, Huawei Cloud released six solutions, presenting its innovation in hardware, software, data, connection, architecture, and hybrid cloud:

-- Hardware innovation: Atlas is Huawei's new-generation intelligent cloud
hardware platform. In the scenarios of the public cloud, artificial
intelligence (AI), and high-performance computing (HPC), Atlas pools
resources of graphics processing units (GPUs), HDDs, and SSDs using
heterogeneous resource pools and intelligent orchestration. The platform
provides on-demand hardware resources to meet the requirements of
different service models, doubling resource utilization. In addition,
logic servers can be deployed within seconds, supporting quick service
-- Software innovation: Huawei DevCloud (to be launched tomorrow) enables
tools, capabilities, and process services on Huawei Cloud, sharing
Huawei's accumulated development experience with enterprises.
-- Data innovation: Huawei Cloud enterprise intelligence (EI) services
assist enterprises in data innovation to create an intelligent world.
Huawei Cloud not only offers platform services, such as deep learning,
graph analysis, and search, but also AI services, such as image tagging,
intelligent audits, graph rebuilding, automated handling of customs
declarations using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and intelligent
packing, enabling smarter enterprises. To meet the enterprise
requirements for a distributed IT architecture, Huawei introduced three
secure and reliable distributed database services on Huawei Cloud,
including the distributed OLAP enterprise data warehouse LibrA,
distributed OLTP enterprise database Derecho, and distributed MySQL
database Taurus.
-- Connection innovation: Huawei Cloud IoT platform is a full-stack
platform that includes SIM card management, device management, and
application enablement layer, having features of secure connection,
cross-industry ecosystem, and easy integration. The platform provides a
wide spectrum of industry enabling suites and templates, so that Huawei
Cloud better matches IoT and Internet of Vehicles scenarios.
-- Architecture innovation: Huawei Cloud released the FusionCloud Stack
solution and introduced enterprise storage services with 99.9999%
reliability. As an extended module of the public cloud, FusionCloud
Stack can be deployed in enterprises' data centers. If the network
connecting to the public cloud fails, the local system can continue to
provide services to enterprises. This solution maintains a consistent
user experience of the public cloud, more secure data sovereignty, low
latency, and zero local maintenance, helping migrating enterprises'
mission-critical services to cloud securely.
-- Hybrid cloud innovation: The FusionBridge hybrid cloud solution is based
on the OpenStack cloud platform, with an innovative injection cascading
architecture that is used to implement homogeneous or heterogeneous
hybrid cloud. This solution provides a cross-cloud unified service
catalog to shield the differentiation of using multiple cloud platforms.
With an undifferentiated cross-cloud service image using HyperContainer,
cross-cloud Overlay network automation, and unified vAPP deployment
service, the solution easily implements cross-cloud distributed
deployment and on-demand expansion of customer services. FusionBridge
also provides customers with a GUI or an Operation and Maintenance
portal to help customers reduce workloads and simplify cross-cloud
Since the Cloud BU's formation in March 2017, it has seen a 238% increase in Huawei's cloud user base, and has released 40 new cloud services, including the data warehouse service, advanced DDoS service, and CDN service. As of now, Huawei has released a total number of 85 cloud services. In the meantime, over 4,500 new features have been added to Huawei Cloud.

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