Globalegrow's localization Close-up: Maintenance Center in Spain

MADRID, July 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Since establishment, Globalegrow has positioned itself in cross-border e-commerce business and localization has always been a challenge, as well as an opportunity for cross-border business. Under the boost of "the Belt and Road" initiative, the connection between Spain and China became closer than ever, what triggered Globalegrow' localization strategy of its development in 2017. The maintenance center in Spain is a perfect example to lay its business foundation of e-commerce across the whole western Europe.

Cheetahrepair, the European Arm of Globalegrow

Established in 2016, Cheetahrepair is now able to operate independently in Spain as a subsidiary corporation of Globalegrow, covering services such as quality testing, maintenance, refurbishment of returned products, and other after sales services from Globalegrow. []

Longlong Zheng, Manager of Cheetahrepair in Spain, shared his story with Globalegrow. "I remember at the beginning, it was really hard to recruit Spanish engineers locally because the business had not officially opened. There were a lot of detours and obstacles in the beginning as we gathered our bearings, but now we have 10 engineers and 5 QAs in the maintenance center. I feel extremely confident that we are on the right path now."

Now Cheetahrepair not only provides after sale services in Spain, but it is also able to provide services to customers in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. The independent operational system, including front and back end, and the mature work flow guarantee each order is completed efficiently. From receiving the products, screening, recording, separating, shelving, stocking, up to the final repairs, every step is done and recorded in the system. With this increased level of efficiency, a senior engineer can complete around 50 cellphone motherboard repairs in a single day.

Localize the Service by Localizing the Mindset

After building up the team to its present total of 19 employees, Globalegrow has been providing more and more resources to support and develop the local business. Globalegrow, encouraged by the success of Cheetahrepair, is looking into opening maintenance centers in Poland and the United States to better support the global market.

Having lived in Madrid for almost 20 years, Longlong Zheng is familiar with both Chinese and Spanish culture. "To localize the business, we need to localize the mindset first." He expressed that although Chinese engineers are good at the technology behind Chinese products and can take a higher workload, Spanish engineers are naturally experts on local customers' needs.

"They care about details like, when they finish repairing a cellphone, they will help set the client's settings and thoroughly clean the phone with alcohol wipes. These are the details that our clients can feel, something that can make a difference." []

Now Cheetahrepair can provide a maintenance experience that easily matches local competitors. Customers can get their products repaired and returned within one day. To keep up with the great demand of after sale services, Cheetahrepair is continuously strengthening the team by providing technical training to existing staff and recruiting more senior engineers locally and globally.

About Globalegrow

Founded in 2007, Globalegrow is dedicated to maximizing global benefit in a new retail ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce. In 2014, Globalegrow was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and launched a multi-billion dollar IPO after merging with Shanxi Baiyuan Trousers Co., Ltd (aka Global Top), and it marks the first cross-border e-commerce A-share stock in China.

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