A New Milestone in Biotherm's Sustainable Commitment

Biotherm Water Lovers Program Partners With Surfrider Foundation Europe to Raise Awareness About Plastic Pollution and Trigger Positive Change for Oceans

PARIS, Feb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2020, the Biotherm Water Lovers program is extending its commitment to help preserve waters around the world through a new partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving the world's oceans.

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The new Biotherm Water Lovers and Surfrider Foundation Europe partnership aims to create a movement to educate the world about plastic pollution and trigger a positive change in people's behaviour towards the waters. In a shared desire to preserve the ocean, coastlines and riverbanks, Biotherm Water Lovers program and Surfrider Foundation Europe will work together this year to mobilise new volunteers around Europe and support more than 2,200 of the NGO's beach clean-ups via global waste collections. Each year on average, the program collects a staggering 1,977m(3) of waste through active volunteers on the ground. The new partnership will raise awareness of plastic pollution, generate data to fuel scientific research and promote change on the global stage.

Water has always been part of Biotherm's DNA. In 2012, Biotherm cemented this deep connection via the Biotherm Water Lovers program: first, an integral part of Biotherm's ongoing environmental mission is to develop sustainable circular economy hence reduce fossil plastic consumption. Secondly, the Biotherm Water Lovers program works with NGO partners on research and education about ocean preservation, especially by creating products that respect marine life.

"Since 2012, Biotherm has been engaged in ocean preservation, inspired by our brand's deep connection with water. Water Lovers is our action program to help preserve the ocean through pioneering science and partnerships. In this time of urgency, awareness of the plastic pollution crisis is key, but action is truly critical. That is why we work in partnership with world-class experts to help educate communities and also clean up the waters from plastic pollution. In 2020, we will support the on-the-ground activations of our new partner, Surfrider Foundation Europe, side-by-side with our active volunteers and fellow Water Lovers across the region." Giulio Bergamaschi - Global President of Biotherm.

"The Ocean is essential to life on Earth. It is a source of oxygen and food, it regulates the climate and hosts a multitude of ecosystems that are highly threatened by our human activities. Surfrider Foundation Europe works on a daily basis with key actors aiming to defend this common good for humanity, with the sole purpose of triggering real changes at the heart of our societies. It's through this approach that Surfrider Foundation Europe joins today the Biotherm Water Lovers program, with the ambition to support and challenge the brand in the improvement of its environmental impact and to raise awareness," declares Florent Marcoux - CEO of Surfrider Foundation Europe.


In addition to the new partnership, the brand is also implementing formula and packaging improvements to confirm Biotherm's commitment to contribute to a circular economy.


Biotherm was already pioneering a more sustainable approach to beauty, by integrating sustainability in product development since 2012, starting with banning microbeads in its rinse-off product.

In 2017, Biotherm tested its WaterLover Sun Milk, on an environmental testing platform. Its aim is to understand and always reduce the impact of our sunscreen products on the global aquatic environment, from fresh waters to salt waters of the world.

In 2019, the brand announced a new formulation charter to reduce the impact of its formulas on water, with strict requirements on ecotoxicity, biodegradability and an increased use of bioscience formulated ingredients.


Following Biotherm's pledge to reduce its plastic footprint, the brand has started to take a non-fossil approach to all new plastic packaging.

Biotherm will reduce its consumption of virgin plastic by using recycled plastic and furthermore, pledge to support the use of more sustainable alternatives:

-- In 2020, all PET packaging will be made from 100% recycled PET.
-- By 2023, the brand will ensure that all products are made of a minimum
of 50% recycled plastic and will start to use bio-recycled plastic
(enzymatic recycling process)*.
-- In 2025, Biotherm will be 80% fossil-free in its overall plastic
consumption and to foster a circular economy for plastics, the brand
commits to ensuring that 100% of its plastic packaging will be reusable,
recyclable or refillable by 2025.
*Bio-recycled plastic is not the same as biodegradable plastic.


To support Biotherm's long-term commitment and ongoing mission to reduce the impact of its products on the oceans, the brand continues to forge partnerships with leading NGOs around the world.


Ever since 2012, when Biotherm introduced the Water Lovers program, the brand have worked together with Mission Blue. Founded by Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue empowers individuals and communities to protect special places around the world that are critical to the health of ocean. These places - known as "Hope Spots" - are critical to the ongoing mission of restoring and preserving the world's oceans. For eight years, Biotherm has worked alongside Mission Blue to help preserve Hope Spots around the globe.


Since 2017, Biotherm have worked alongside the Tara Océan Foundation, a non-profit organization that collaborates with scientific institutions to study the impact of climate change upon the ocean.

Tara owns a legendary schooner of 36-meters, which was built for extreme conditions and serves as a platform for high-level scientific research missions. The boat has completed 13 expeditions, which Biotherm now supports.

This research allows Biotherm to minimize the effect products have on the sea, especially the WaterLover suncare range, which is committed to respecting aquatic life.

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A pioneer in skin biology since discovering the benefits of LIFE PLANKTON(TM) probiotic fraction in 1952, Biotherm uses its unique ingredient in advanced skincare solutions. Through expertise in bioscience and biotechnology, the brand infuses the most powerful actives in unparalleled pleasurable textures for a healthy and active beauty. Biotherm offers complete ranges of over 130 face and body solutions, adapted for every skin types, concerns and lifestyles. Iconic products include Life Plankton(TM) Essence, Aquasource Gel, Blue Therapy Serum and Lait Corporel. Discover more on: www.biotherm.com [http://www.biotherm.com/].

Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1087226/Biotherm_Logo.jpg [https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1087226/Biotherm_Logo.jpg]

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