SelfSell Teams Up with James Rodriguez to Announce Start of Personal SUPER Value Era

SINGAPORE, June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SelfSell, a blockchain fintech company, recently teamed up with James Rodriguez, the Colombian footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich, to announce that the football star's personal token JR10 Token will be officially released on June 12 to the world on the NASDAQ screen at New York's Times Square. The release will not only mark the beginning of the era of the personal super value but also demonstrate that the SelfSell brand enters a new stage of development. []

The landing on the NASDAQ Big Screen marks a new starting point for the development of SelfSell brands. The slogan "Start the Personal SUPER Value Era!" demonstrates SelfSell's resolve to build itself into the world's first personal asset platform.

Since its inception, SelfSell has kept refining itself in the blockchain field, ranging from the grand opening of its brand, the realization of the dream of university students traveling in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, the collaboration with the 2011 Nobel Prize-winning economist Thomas Sargent in starting its global roadshows, to the issuance of JR10 Token, the personal digital assets named after James Rodriguez. SelfSell has proved the importance of personal value by taking practical actions. It has practiced the application scenario of personal value investment, hoping to create a brand-new investment field of human value across the world, allow investment to return to its essence, and directly make an investment in human, the ultimate creator of value.

Dreams can be valuable at SelfSell

The essence of investment is undoubtedly human beings. In this sense, investments can be made in human beings' dreams. People can realize their dreams through continuous efforts. They can also use the exchange of value to move faster to make their dreams come true. People are the only "assets" target on the SelfSell platform. Everyone can exchange the present and future value through the "value time tunnel" of SelfSell. What SelfSell aims to do is to serve as an investment and financing platform for people. SelfSell advances the value in the future and increases the development resources of people at this stage, thereby creating SUPER value in the future. Dreams are finally realized at SelfSell.

What will SelfSell bring to "human beings" by using blockchains?

SelfSell develops a model system of "blockchain plus personal value" to maximize the "value of mankind." It utilizes the "contributions" of individuals or groups to society in the future to "estimate" their living at present. Individuals or groups can accomplish their dreams and the SUPER value through SelfSell. However, the SUPER value system must be built by adopting blockchain technology. SelfSell hopes that everyone has equal rights to issue digital assets representing personal value on the SelfSell platform. Digital assets are a digital embodiment of comprehensive factors such as personal brand, credit, potentials, and income.

SelfSell and James Rodriguez join together to create the digital assets JR10 Token, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency of James Rodriguez's brand. JR10 Token is a brand-new model. The football star's token is no longer the model of star endorsement. Its circulation value is the star's maintenance of its brand value. The soccer star takes the initiative to participate in all activities related to their brands and value through personal tokens, including any interaction with fans. The tokens will also be applied to related application scenarios such as sponsors, media, clubs, and peripheral products, which will further empower the current football business market and bring new space for market growth. As such, James becomes the first practitioner of the SelfSell platform. Also, he is the first active football super star issuing personal digital assets.

According to Yuan Li, Founder of SelfSell, there was a pre-sale of JR10 Token on the SelfSell App at two pm German time on May 27, with the quota of US $500,000 sold out in 12 seconds. The 12 seconds have affirmed James's SUPER value, reflecting the public's recognition of the combination of personal potential and new technology and high expectations for the future value of the model.

JR10 Token is only available on the SelfSell App. Users can download the SelfSell App from the SelfSell official website and obtain the white paper of JR10 Token in the App. Meanwhile, JR10 Token only accepts investment of ETH and SSC, the platform token of SelfSell. The cryptocurrency exchanges listing SCC include OKEx, LBank, and CoinToBe.

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CONTACT: Shen Li,, +86-185-1033-3290

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