A New Player in the Password Manager's Market - NordPass - Has Undergone a Comprehensive Security Audit

NordPass has launched native apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux, introduced Trusted Contacts, added new mobile features, and undergone a security audit

NICOSIA, Cyprus, March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- NordPass [https://nordpass.com/] is introducing new features for PCs and mobiles to make the password manager safer, and more convenient. From now on, users can download native apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux as well as use a new feature called Trusted Contacts. Alongside that, NordPass has completed a comprehensive security audit [https://nordpass.com/zh/blog/nordpass-security-audit-2020/].

The security assessment was performed by Berlin-based IT company Cure53. It focused on NordPass' cryptographic premise, source code, background application, and its codebase. Cure53 audited the NordPass infrastructure in several stages -- before and after the official release in November last year.

"Numerous positive observations have been made in relation to the level of detail and adherence to the specification, clarity and readability of the Go code and implementation, overall security of the desktop application, browser extension, as well as iOS and Android branches of the NordPass applications," states Cure53 audit report. "The NordPass complex should be judged as secure," Dr. Mario Heiderich, founder and CEO of Cure53.

According to Chad Hammond, a security expert at NordPass, the company is delighted with the results: "Our customers' trust is crucial to us and this independent audit helped us to build a more reliable and robust password manager. The audit showed that we measure up to our claims."

In addition to that, NordPass has also introduced a new feature called Trusted Contacts [https://nordpass.com/blog/introducing-trusted-contacts-feature/]. "Sharing your passwords over text or sticky notes is hazardous. The Trusted Contacts feature in NordPass [https://nordpass.com/] makes password sharing both safe and convenient," says Chad Hammond, the security expert at NordPass.

NordPass has also introduced many exciting features for mobile. One of them -- OCR scanning [https://nordpass.com/features/ocr-scanning/] -- a technology used to recognize text in documents, or image files. OCR can scan a user's credit card details or written notes for secure storage in the NordPass vault. Another new functionality is biometrics -- users can set up the NordPass app with the Face ID or fingerprint.

NordPass will now be accessible offline on mobile and support Android and iOS tablets. Finally, it has also introduced an autofill feature that recognizes a user's favorite websites and asks whether they would like to sign in.

Native apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux is another significant step up for NordPass [https://nordpass.com/download/]. These apps work together with the browser extension for seamless integration and alert users if they're trying to enter credentials into an unsafe website.

NordPass was created by NordVPN [http://nordvpn.com/], one of the world's leading VPN service providers.


NordPass is a new generation password manager shaped with cutting-edge technology, zero-knowledge encryption, simplicity, and intuitive design in mind. It securely stores and organizes passwords by keeping them in one convenient place. NordPass was created by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN - one of the most advanced VPN service providers in the world. For more information: nordpass.com [https://nordpass.com/download/].

CONTACT: Laura Tyrell, NordVPN, Head of Public Relations, laura@nordvpnmedia.com, +44-(0)20-7193-5406

Web site: https://nordpass.com/

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