Seedland Group Brings Autonomous Driving Dreams to Life

Real estate giants introduce environmentally friendly self-driving vehicles

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Real estate giants, the Seedland Group, are setting new standards for convenience, safety and a caring attitude for the world with the introduction of a fleet of Hachi Auto autonomous vehicles - the first of its kind in China. [ ]

Seedland's intelligent collaborative transportation network now introduces environmentally friendly Hachi Auto vehicles providing safe and easy access around their properties for residents and visitors alike. Winner of a prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD, these Hachi Auto vehicles are equipped with four seats in comfort, with large windows through which passengers can take in the world around them, at their leisure.

As China continues to embrace the on-demand advantages of high and advanced technology, Hachi Auto offers convenience along with comfort and safety features that ensure passengers get from "Point A" to "Point B" without a worry.

Hachi Auto's systems have been road-tested in all conditions, gathering and storing data along the way so that all types of situations - and types of weather - can be accounted for. Included in these technological wonders are touch-screen command and booking features along with a connection to the Smart Life System that beats at the heart of every Seedland community. These features ensure Hachi Auto vehicles can be relied upon by people of all ages, and in any situation that might arise.

Hachi Auto driving systems use LiDAR and vision technology, guided by a multi-sensor fusion algorithm. That means the vehicles can be accurately positioned and can avoid objects in their path without human guidance. It all makes for a safe and reliable transport experience, meaning residents can relax as they are served by the first community intelligent collaborative transportation network in China.This 3D obstacle detection function ensures an efficient collaboration between people, vehicle, road and environment. A monitoring camera, intelligent electric door, and a central control system combine to calculate the get-through path in advance to improve the vehicles' operation efficiency. And a combination of LiDAR sensors and cameras ensure the Hachi Auto positioning system is accurate to up to two centimeters. That means these vehicles can "sense" both stationary and moving objects, stopping when needed and avoiding when needed. They can also make emergency stops while the vehicles' short wheelbase and innovative reversing technologies mean Hachi Auto vehicles can maneuver themselves as required.

The Hachi Auto vehicles will serve residents and visitors to Seedland properties across the country, furthering the company's commitment to innovation and to finding ways to connect people with the most cutting-edge technology.

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CONTACT: Seedland Group, Karen Ye,, +86-20-89192000

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