STIPS FinTech Crypto-Finance Ecosystem Goes for SEC Regulation D

MOSCOW, December 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Launching the operable products, STIPS|FinTech now gears up for Reg D SEC-compliant

tokenized securities

STIPS|FinTech [ ] decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset management initiated Regulation D-506 compliance procedure to meet SEC standards for the tokenized securities. With the smart contracts and blockchain, STIPS|FinTech is now able to switch from public initial offering to issuing blockchain backed shares representing equity participation within the company structure.

"We are willing to provide for the tremendous demand for trading instruments familiar to the classic stock market, seen both from the crypto-trading community and qualified investors, asset funds, and largest financial institutions. Evolving to a SEC-compliant party, STIPS|FinTech makes a huge step towards civilizing and harmonizing crypto-financial market, marrying it with the senior world of traditional financial investments." - commented CEO of STIPS|FinTech, Dmitryii Kotegov, CFA.    

STIPS|FinTech has recently proposed its product offering, aiming at creation of a convenient, transparent and scalable infrastructure to cater to the industry. Reinventing  classical trading instruments to fit crypto, STIPS|FinTech is offering investors a reliable and convenient set: an EOS-built STIPS|Oculus top-notch analytics platform, STIPS20Index benchmark for token liquidity, and the first open index cryptocurrency fund STIPS|20Fund tied to the Index product.

Regulation D will help STIPS|FinTech appear on the radar and present to the multi-billion market of qualified investors across multiple crypto-rich regions, including USA. SEC-compliant Reg D empowers the company with public offers and ability to perform advertising campaigns to an unlimited number of qualified investors. As SEC extends its imperative legislative powers to the entire country and some regions beyond, STIPS|FinTech won't need to double-check with the local state legislation.

Having raised over $1.4 million at the private sale stage, the STIPS|FinTech project is launching STIPS|Oculus in November with the Fund and Index modules operational, and aims to offer a harmonious mix of financial tools to bring reliability, transparency and convenience to the crypto market.

CONTACT: Filipp Egorov,, +7-(926)-025-96-74

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