PeopleKeys' New Management Tool Targets Millennials

BOARDMAN, Ohio, May 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PeopleKeys, worldwide personality assessment and hiring experts, announced the international release of a new tool designed specifically for managing and motivating Millennial employees. The Behavioral Attitude Index (BAI) Assessment []and ensuing I-SPEAK management report addresses the needs of a changing workforce. []

Dr. Brad Smith, International Director for PeopleKeys, states, "This new tool is based on many years of research. We found that many Baby Boomer managers (age 53-71) were struggling keeping, relating to, and motivating the Millennials. They wanted to know what they could do about it. We came up with a solution. We understood that there are sometimes differences between generations, but that it is not that perplexing if you understand certain key principles."

As Boomers retire, Millennials (aged 22-40) are rapidly moving through the corporate ranks, but they don't always stay in one position. PeopleKeys' BAI assessment was able to show why- these individuals were not having certain key values met within their position.

Because this generation has one of the highest turnover rates [], and are the generation most likely to switch jobs, PeopleKeys was eager to figure out what could be done about this.

What they found was that many Millennials will not stay long term if work-life balance is not maintained. To understand, motivate, and manage this generation, employers and managers needed to understand the Millennial individual's underlying motivators, passions, and values. []

PeopleKeys newly released Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) and its I-SPEAK report allows Managers to understand how their employees think, how to motivate them, and who to hire in the first place.

Dr. Smith adds, "Studies show when personal passions fit with the job role and corporate culture Millennials enthusiastically perform their duties if their I-SPEAK matches with the career needs (Inner Awareness, Social, Political, Economic, Artistic, Knowledge) they thrive and are motivated. If it doesn't, then productivity goes down."

The I-SPEAK/BAI report is available on PeopleKeys' DISCInsights page, [] will show the results of the BAI Assessment and help Managers to hire, motivate and keep the right employees for their business.

To learn more about this new tool or partner with PeopleKeys contact [] Dr. Smith at [] 1- 330-599-5580

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PeopleKeys is the leader in personality assessment, educational, coaching, and HR solutions. Their resources are available in over 33 languages and they are uniquely suited to help unlock people's potential. []

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