New Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Guarantees Publishers "+80" Google PageSpeed Score On Mobile

CARLSBAD, California, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ezoic, [] the world's first end-to-end technology platform for digital publishers announced today the release of the Site Speed Accelerator. The new stand-alone tool is engineered to automatically solve the diverse challenges publishers face to overcome slow page load times and the impact of display ads on Google PageSpeed Insight scores. []

"Both large brand publishers and niche site owners have a lot to balance already. Website speed is one area that all seem to be struggling with," said Dwayne Lafluer, Founder and CEO of Ezoic. "The Ezoic platform was built to solve challenges like this. The new Site Speed Accelerator is just another feature we've made for publishers that we think can help them."

Last month, Google announced [] plans to issue badges in Chrome browsers that would identify slow-loading sites to potential visitors. Ezoic confirmed that the new site speed technology would be available as a standalone feature on their platform. Publishers solely interested in using the Site Speed Accelerator - that boasts a guarantee of an 80 or greater, mobile Google PageSpeed Insights score - can access the feature outside of all other Ezoic platform features if they choose.

"Site speed is an industry-dominating conversation now. Ads and third-party scripts dramatically slow down sites, but are needed by publishers to make their business work. This can negatively impact search ranking, traffic, and revenue. Ultimately, there was no solution to this problem until now," claims Tyler Bishop, Ezoic's marketing chief. "Before Ezoic built this, I'd say that it was near impossible for most publishers to secure Google PageSpeed scores as high as the Site Speed Accelerator will produce for them within minutes of simply turning it on," Bishop finished.

True to form, Ezoic has machine learning built-in to their Site Speed Accelerator. The leading publisher technology company is best known for their A.I. technology that tests and optimizes ads and assists publishers with website monetization, but has shared that their new speed tool will also learn from visitor experiences to improve site speed even further over time.

Ezoic is confidently guaranteeing websites a mobile Google PageSpeed Insights score of 80 or above when using the new Site Speed Accelerator. Publishers can test Ezoic's new speed-boosting tool for 7 days free at [].

About Ezoic:

Ezoic is an award-winning end-to-end platform for digital publishers and website owners that helps them improve site speed, revenue, traffic, SEO, website speed, infrastructure, and more. Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner and employs approximately 170 employees in North America, Canada, and the United Kingdom with key offices in Carlsbad, CA, London, U.K., and Newcastle Upontyne, U.K. Learn more at []

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CONTACT: Sarah Clow,, (760) 550-9689, Carlsbad, CA, Twitter URL: @ezoic

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