Call for Entries: Wuzhen Theatre Festival's Outdoor Carnival 2019 Recruiting Creators of all Art forms to Join October Event

WUZHEN, China, July 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Wuzhen invites candidates from around the world to submit creative work for the 2019 Wuzhen Theatre Festival Outdoor Carnival, held at Wuzhen in China. The theme of this year's festival is "Emerge", stylistically represented as a brave and courageous leap forward alongside a flood of inspiration and creativity.

All aesthetically compelling art forms are encouraged to join the Festival, including:

-- Traditional music and dance
-- Contemporary drama
-- Film and Multimedia
-- Science and technology
-- Photography
-- Installation art
-- Music,
-- Contemporary dance and
-- Transboundary creativity
In just seven years, the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, with its highly inclusive culture and openness towards all forms of expression, has gained a reputation as one of the world's most meaningful events for the enactment of the dramatic arts among the global theatrical community.

During the seven years since the inaugural WTF in 2013, more than 9,000 outdoor performances, welcoming millions of theatregoers, have taken place, achieving the goal of creating a zero-distance immersive performance space in Wuzhen.

The Wuzhen Theatre Festival's Outdoor Carnival includes thousands of outstanding performances presented by hundreds of art performance groups. On purpose-built stages, actors perform in wooden houses, on the streets and on sculling boats all in immediate proximity to their audience to offer an immersive experience. The organizer and the artists, who perform freely, work together to break the boundaries often imposed on performance art, combining diverse folk culture with contemporary art within a defined space.

In addition to the freedom granted to the artists to step outside of their usual boundaries, the Wuzhen Theatre Festival also serves as an excellent platform for art groups worldwide to kick off their art journey, providing art groups with opportunities to move up to larger venues.

With thousands of years of historical and cultural accumulation, Wuzhen's unique architectural style, blended with Chinese classical culture, brings a unique cultural atmosphere to the festival.

Constantin Chiriac, chairman of Sibiu International Theatre Festival and the lead actor in "Waiting for Godot", said, "The largest theatre festivals are not always found in the world's biggest cities. Like Edinburgh, Avignon and Sibiu, Wuzhen has its own unique historical and cultural style, and this is the most important."

In terms of supporting infrastructure, the Wuzhen Theatre Festival has exclusive access to a concentration of performance venues. Audiences can move from one performance venue to another in a matter of minutes so that the enthusiasm and engagement will not fade between intervals and performances. The town also provides artists and audiences with everything that a guest could need during their stay in Wuzhen, including hotels, restaurants and shops, to ensure that the art event is an unforgettable experience.

Wuzhen Theatre Festival's Outdoor Carnival is an event that aims to integrate different cultures and respond to theatregoers personal vision in a concentrated space designed to provide artistic and creative inspiration. The Outdoor Carnival breaks the curtain and kicks open the door of theatre to embrace all forms of performance art including dance, music, modern art and transboundary creativity, as it welcomes art lovers from all walks of life.

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