Hongji's Award-winning Product Is Expected to Enter the European Market Soon

SHANGHAI, July 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently at 29th China Cycle for 2019, Hongji's 'Flying Dragon Cycle' won the Gold Award for Innovation. The winner of the award represents the best-in-class offering and sets the benchmark for China's bicycle and electric bicycle industry.

Similar to Hongji team's last heritage, "Mobike Classic", which is still operated in streets globally since 2016, and is regard as the highest-quality bike in the micromobility industry.

"Flying Dragon" also adopts their signature design, the unique single arm shaft-driven structure. However, compared with the last generation, Flying Dragon's angle between the axis and the transmission shaft is optimized from 90° to 85°, which greatly improves the speed ratio and provides a comfortable riding experience comparable to chain-driven structure. Secondly, the frame is manufactured and assembled separately for packaging and transportation convenience, dramatically reducing the transportation cost. Thirdly, the segment-by-segment connection design is adopted to increase the yield strength. The transmission shaft cover employs the latest technique to ensure the structure size and toughness. Meanwhile the cover also lifts the appearance attractiveness, making the bicycle sportier & more stylish. Finally, for tire choice, the Flying Dragon is flexible and supports both solid and inflatable tires without any adjustment required.

Most of Hongjun Xu's core team members come from the auto industry. They redesigned the bicycle structure and reduce the total parts number for a bicycle from hundreds to only 80+.

Hongjun Xu, former Mobike's co-founder, now as Hongji's founder & CEO, wants to lead his team to become the most professional micro-mobility solution provider around the globe. Hongji is already supplying both hardware and total solution for world's top-tier shared mobility platforms. And it will continue on the journey to redefine and reinvent the bicycle, to employ the most cutting-edge technology, making Hongji the premium brand for micro mobility.

Currently Hongji is developing its bicycle for the future. The prototype looks pretty cool, with black modular frame and slim streamline, and without any resemblance of clumsiness you usually find in traditional bicycles. It's also an IoT equipment, connecting to the big data backend via the mobile phone. The motor power boost will accommodate the terrain and traffic condition automatically. And thus, the rider won't feel exhausted even for over 10 miles' ride. Hongji is expected to bring to the European market its "future bicycle" in Q3 2019.

CONTACT: Wang Miao, + 86 18316494223, wangmiao@hongjibike.com

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