Montage Technology Announced the Launch of SDV (Software Development Vehicle) for the Jintide(TM) Secure Server Platform

BEIJING, May 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Montage Technology along with its partners, Tsinghua University (TU) and Intel, announced the launch of the SDV (Software Development Vehicle) for the Jintide(TM) secure server platform. As an important development milestone, SDV launch validates the key software and hardware elements of the system to pave the way for commercial deployment in 2018. The launch comes in just one year after the initial announcement of Jintide(TM) platform.

Jintide(TM) combines Montage Technology's Hybrid Security DIMM (HSDIMM(TM)) memory technology, TU's reconfigurable computing processor (RCP) module, and standard, high-performance Intel(®) Xeon(®) processors to meet the critical requirement for security and performance of data center applications in China. Key features of the platform including dynamic reconfiguration based CPU security, CPU offloading and HSDIMM(TM) based memory tracing were demonstrated on the SDV.

The SDV was launched during a power-on ceremony which was held at China Electronics Corporation's (CEC) National Research & Development Base for Electronic Information Security Technology in Beijing. Government officials from NDRC, MIIT and MOST joined the ceremony. Joining Montage, TU and Intel were also important Jintide(TM) ecosystem partners including Lenovo, H3C, CEC Great Wall, Dell, Samsung, SK Hynix, Byosoft and CS2C.

Montage, TU and Intel have been collaborating on the joint development of the Jintide(TM) platform since April last year. The SDV launch demonstrates the results of this close partnership, and sets the path to commercial success. To expedite the commercial deployment Montage is working closely with BIOS vendors, system software vendors and DIMM vendors to offer the complete solution to domestic and global server OEMs. Leading OEMs are expected to launch commercial Jintide(TM) server products in the first half of 2018.

"We are very pleased to launch the Jintide(TM) platform SDV on schedule as a result of hard team work among our engineers and our partners. The Jintide(TM) platform is an innovative solution which leverages its unique performance and security features to meet the critical data center requirements in China based on the existing broad x86 ecosystem. Montage is fully committed to delivering high performance, secure and controllable solutions to address the China data center server market needs." said Stephen Tai, President of Montage Technology.

"Today's successful SDV launch for the Jintide(TM) platform is a huge step forward in delivering to China's unique Datacenter needs. Jintide(TM) promises to deliver secure and controllable computing in a unique and industry friendly way. In just two years, we've seen Jintide(TM) rapidly progress from research theory to executing product. Congratulations to Tsinghua University, Montage, and the Jintide(TM) ecosystem partners for reaching this critical milestone." said Raj Hazra, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise and Government Group.

"Intel and China have over 30 years of uniquely strong partnership - and Jintide(TM) is an important piece of that tight relationship. We applaud Montage, Tsinghua University, and the Jintide(TM) ecosystem partners on achieving this important milestone of SDV launch for Jintide(TM)." said Ian Yang, Intel Corporate Vice President and President of Intel China.

"Lenovo has been providing local solutions and innovation in China for many years. The launch of Jintide(TM) platform SDV will speed up Lenovo's research & development process on server product powered by Jintide(TM). We look forward to continually providing innovative, secure and controllable server products for the China market." said Bin Wu, General Manager of Lenovo DCG China BU.

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