Overseas Xpress V2.0 Aims To Revolutionize B2B Travel Industry

Overseas Xpress V2.0 Aims To Revolutionize B2B Travel Industry

The new tech platform gives travel agents a competitive advantage over online booking giants

MIAMI, May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Overseas Leisure Group will launch an update of the Overseas Xpress website online May 11(th) 2018 which will make possible both the booking of individual items, such as hotels and experiences, and the creation of customized itineraries in just minutes.

A few years after launching their first online platform dedicated to B2B, the Miami based travel and leisure group has decided to transform the way travel agents work and give them a fair chance against the competition of direct booking websites. The revamp of the website focuses on user-friendliness, design and efficacy to allow the travel agents to respond in a matter of minutes to a client's request. "Cutting the response time can potentially help the agent increase their conversion rate by 40%" - announced Felix Brambilla, CEO and founder of the Overseas Leisure Group.

-- The first version of Overseas Xpress allowed travel agents to book
hotels at negotiated rates, this new and improved version will allow
them to create overall itineraries including activities, airport
transfers and car rental.
-- One of the company's benefits to its clients is its in-depth knowledge
of the destinations. Aligning with this goal, the new website will guide
the users into creating itineraries that are practical and exciting.
Human support will be available throughout the experience by a team of
multi-lingual agents.
-- Overseas Leisure Group negotiates directly with hotels, from boutique
properties to large chains. It is one of the very few companies to be
directly connected with the major chains. This negotiation power allows
them to offer highly discounted rates to travel agents and to guarantee
their client proposals remain competitive. The new website possesses a
built-in price comparison tool, which allows the travel agents to verify
in real time what the competition is offering.
-- Responsibility and support are at the core of Overseas Leisure Group.
All bookings processed are monitored by one of their agent from start to
finish. The 3-step quality control process is always included in the
"Travel agents are suffering with the competition online as booking engines nowadays are very user friendly and automatized" added Mr Brambilla. "With our solution, travel agents are given the best tools to create competitively priced trips with a lot of content, beautiful client presentations, and a constant support from the Overseas team on site. This combination exists nowhere else in the industry."

The Overseas team sees this new launch as a revolution and is planning for the near future to integrate show ticket purchase and flights.

About Overseas Leisure Group:
OLG is a massive global network dedicated to providing travel professionals with insider expertise for all luxury travel needs. They are represented in 34 countries through 41 offices and continue to expand every year. Through its brands, it provides unique luxury programs for individuals, groups and high net worth individuals. Every detail of each booking, from lodging to activities to security, is a priority and they are available 24/7.

The key to OLG's success is the dedication of its experts who all share the same title, Doer. The bottom line is they get things done. Each Doer approaches his/her job with the same passion of the original founders. They also share the same motto: Live It!

Media Contact:
Julie Hutton
Address: 2800 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 700, Miami FL 33137
Phone: +1 805-403-7395 or +1 786 276 8686
Email: julie@overseasinternational.com [mailto:julie@overseasinternational.com]
www.overseasleisuregroup.com [http://www.overseasleisuregroup.com/]
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Web site: http://www.overseasleisuregroup.com/

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