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Cision: Social Media Guide

In publicaties over PR-strategie worden social media vaak als één generiek kanaal behandeld. Maar het ene platform is het andere niet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram en LinkedIn vragen elk om een eigen benadering. Deze Insider's Social Media Guide van Cision bie...


De waarde van earned media

Media-aandacht niet kopen, maar verdienen: earned media is bij uitstek het terrein van PR-professionals. Maar wat is nu eigenlijk de waarde van earned media? En hoe kun je die waarde verhogen? Het toonaangevende onderzoeks- en adviesbureau Outsell deed onlangs...


Jouw persbericht is jouw verhaal: 3 tips van PR-professional Alec Bojalad

Jouw persbericht is jouw verhaal: 3 tips van PR-professional Alec BojaladOp de website van Cision publiceerde de Amerikaanse PR-professional Alec Bojalad onlangs een interessant artikel onder de kop ‘Your Press Release is Your Story’. In dit blogberi...

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Three Tips to Upgrade and Utilize Your Media List

As PR professionals, the media list may arguably be one of the most important components in your outreach process. Working in PR can be overwhelming and taking the time to building a successful media list can often fall off your list of priorities. Howeve...


How to Grow Your Business With User Generated Content Marketing

New and innovative ideas are a must in your marketing strategy, but designing campaigns is a long and involved process. What if you could get your customers to create ads for you?User-generated content is based on this very concept. With social engagement at t...


How to Measure The True Value of PR

When it comes to competing for marketing budget and resources, marketing leaders expect to compete on “a level playing field” and yet that has not been the case for senior PR/comms managers. When PR managers compete for budget, resources and recognition for...


Enhances Your Earned Media Efforts

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on PR  Newswire's Beyond PR blog. While much of a content marketing strategy revolves around creating new content just for your blog (part of your owned media), I highly recommend that you dive...


The Rise of Earned Media + What You Need to Know

As marketing budgets grow, much focus has been on digital marketing for owned and paid media. Whether it be a focus on mobile and e-commerce experiences, or more investment in search and display advertising, earned media has often been third in line in the ove...


12 Months of Content Marketing For 2018

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on PR  Newswire's Beyond PR blog. Generating a stream of interesting and engaging ways to reach your audience through content marketing can be a pain. You use up so much brain power coming up with ide...

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