International media coverage
International media coverage

ANP Press Support - part of the ANP and PR Newswire - sends your (translated) press release to the international media. Through its collaboration with PR Newswire - the global market leader in commercial news circulation - ANP Press Support boasts exclusive access to international press agency networks. Your press release is directly placed on the editorial systems, bringing it to the attention of thousands of journalists. Obtain contact details for editors and journalists in the media profession via the online Agility database. Agility can arrange direct contact with the editorial teams of e.g. Vogue, Time Magazine or Rolling Stone in just a couple of mouse clicks.



Via ANP Press Support you have access to global media networks. You send your news via newswires to the general media in a particular country, an entire continent or even globally. A high-grade translation service ensures that your press release also draws media attention in the language of the country in question. Exclusive arrangements with press agencies mean you can place your press release directly on the editorial systems of:

  • Bloomberg (generic financial)
  • Reuters (generic financial) 
  • Press Association (UK) 
  • DPA (Germany) 
  • APA (Austria) 
  • Europa Press (Spain) 
  • Belga (Belgium) 
  • Associated Press (United States) 
  • O Globo (Brazil) 
  • CNW (Canada) 
  • Kyodo (Japan) 


How do I send my press release to the international media? Are you looking to bring your news to the attention of the international media? Please complete the request form and we will reply promptly.


Focused international media coverage via Agility

Obtain contact details of more than 750.000 journalists and editors of international trade papers and magazines with Agility. This service helps you gain quick and easy contact with an editor of the Italian or French Vogue, Time Magazine or Rolling Stone say. A special team maintains the database on a daily basis, providing you with up to the minute accurate information. The integrated cuttings service helps you keep abreast of what has happened with your news, and what is written about your organisation. Agility is an all-round tool, which makes compiling a list of international media contacts, archiving contacts, and monitoring and sending press releases a pleasant and simple experience.



  • Contact data of more than 750.000 journalists and editors of international trade papers, magazines, and online (social) media within easy reach.
  • Special team updates the media contacts on a daily basis. 
  • Send your individually formatted press release directly to selected media contacts 
  • Integrated cuttings service. 
  • Unlimited access to contact data (subscriptions only).


How do I send my press release to the international media? Watch the demo (link is an APS News Manager instruction video) to see how you select media contacts and send your press release in Agility.


Would you like to know more? Contact us on 070 – 41 41 233 or at


International financial media coverage

Do you work for a listed company? If so you’ll know that the circulation of information that is sensitive to price-fluctuation is highly regulated. Proper, simultaneous circulation of your press release is vital. ANP Press Support can help you with its APS Disclosure Service. All you need do is deliver a press release to ANP Press Support, for it to be placed on the Reuters, Bloomberg and ANP networks. The press release also goes to the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). With the APS Disclosure Service you can rest assured your circulated price fluctuation-sensitive information complies with legislative stipulations.


APS Disclosure service:

  • Simultaneous circulation of your press release to, amongst others, the financial media and AFM
  • Guaranteed coverage 
  • User-friendly 
  • Controlled environment


Would you like further information about the APS Disclosure Service? Please contact the international ANP Press Support team on 070 – 41 41 138 or at


Multimedia News Release, MNR

A Multimedia News Release appropriately formats your news for both traditional global media and social media. An MNR comprises text, links, photos, videos, infographics and audio fragments on a single web page; combined into an individual format and circulated to all relevant international media. Send your news via an MNR and benefit from the ever-increasing editorial developments from print to digital. Moreover, you help bloggers in citing your content.


Social Media Metrics

Via Social Media Metrics ANP Press Support informs you what is written about your brand, organisation, competition or profession in the social media. Around 20 million blogs, 5 million message boards, 30,000 news sites, social networks and microblogs including Twitter are screened based on the search terms given. To help you further these results are classified as positive, negative and neutral. Moreover, you get to see how often the search term given appears, and you can choose to receive the reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.



You want your website to be constantly updated with the latest news about your organisation. After all, visitors should get to see the right content at the right time. With Mediaroom – an online press room integrated into your website – you can easily manage press releases, photos, videos and event invitations. The Search Engine Optimisation ensures you get far better search engine results. The statistics listed give you a detailed breakdown of the number of downloads, visitor numbers and the most frequently used search terms, to name but a few.

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